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Date for Diaries - Monday 7th May! Come and enjoy a meal and get your swipe card access to the club room

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Hi Everyone!

I am arranging a social evening for Monday 7th May. Format will include a meal (probably chilli, lasagne, or salad) and the opportunity to have your photograph taken for a swipe card so that you can access the club house in future without having to buzz and ask politely. I know this is a bank holiday, it is also the day after the Isle of Wight Randonee which hopefully some of you will be attending (see thread under Sportives - this will replace the usual Sunday club ride as we can't be in two places at once).

I anticipate the meal costing £5, if you would like your photograph taken for a swipe card this would normally cost £10 however the club will subsidise it to £5 - so that the evening will cost you just £10, plus drinks, and you can then enjoy the club room on a Monday, Saturday or Sunday evenings for as long as you are a member. Friends, family and prospective members welcome!

For anyone also requiring membership - if you are renewing it is £20 for the year, for those joining for the first time as we are now in April the pro-rata fee is £15 which covers you until the end of the year. For this bargain price you get access to membership of one of the oldest cycling clubs in the UK where we offer a weekly organised club ride (and there may well be more over the Summer), time trials, expertise and banter - with several of us also involved in road and circuit racing we can also help get you started there and provide a team mate in le peleton.

I will need to confirm numbers for catering by Friday 20th April so I will post the definitive menu options here as soon as I have them. In the meantime if you want to register your interest or even go so far as to confirm you will be attending please post a message below or email me at jerry_uk1@hotmail.com with your details.

More to follow VERY soon - your social secretary - Jerry


I'm up for that. Very Happy Do you have any idea what time it'll be?

darby allen

darby allen
Yes to both Laughing


Dear All,

The event will take place at Victory Indoor Bowls Club (our clubhouse) at 7.30pm on Monday 7th May (bank holiday). For directions to VIBC please see: http://victoryibc.co.uk/location.aspx

The meal will cost £5 and for that you have a choice of chilli con carne with rice, lasagne with chips, or vegetable lasagne with chips - there will also be garlic bread and a salad bowl. If you would like a swipe card this will cost an additional £5. Meal is open to friends, family and prospective members so please bring them along as well.

If you would like to attend please complete the online form, or let me know your preference.

I or a committee member will be available at the club on the next two Monday nights to collect money and hand you a meal ticket in return. I will also be present at our club's Portsmouth Time Trial Series (PTTS) time trial this Sunday (15 miles, course P823/15 starting at Mellish Bottom - usual club start near Wickham, sign on from 0700 in the Meon Hall). I will also be present at Dave's next (and last in the current series) time trial session, on Tuesday 24th, 20:15 sign on at Mountbatten Track and racing the following day in the Ray Martin Memorial League at Mountbatten Track and at the club time trial on the Thursday evening before also attending the Sunday club run on 29th. - No excuses not to see me at some point! (But if you do think of one and would like to attend drop me an email and we can make some arrangements).

Also please note Sunday ride on Sunday 6th May will be replaced with the Isle of Wight Randonee, please contact club captain Raymond Gregory for details - we will be riding this as a group so just a change of meeting place and scenery.

Happy Riding!

Jerry Collingwood
PNECC Social Secretary

Paul Martin

Paul Martin
I've already got my photocard but I'll be there with my 'cycling widow' girlfriend for the grub! Very Happy

Remember when teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors, rank+file civil servants, firefighters and lollipop ladies crashed the stock market, wiped out banks, took billions in bonuses and paid no tax? No, me neither.


Hi All,

Just to re-iterate I will be giving numbers for catering to the caterer's after Monday's club night so if you want to come and eat (meal is at 8, club open from 7.30) then either fill in the online form or email pnecc.social@gmail.com with your order (chilli & rice, lasagne & chips or vegetable lasagne) and whether you require a photocard. £5 for food, £5 for photocard - simples.

If you can give me the money this Saturday (chaingang), Sunday (club run if on), Monday (club night) that would be great. If not I can collect money on the night BUT I MUST HAVE YOUR ORDER OR YOU WON'T EAT!


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