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Who needs a swipe card for Victory Indoor Bowls Club?

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Hi all, in case it has escaped anyone's notice I am now the club social secretary - Dave has slipped it onto our website along with several pictures and my phone number...

As such first task is to get everyone access to the Victory Indoor Bowls Club (VIBC) where we meet every Monday night from 7.30pm.

If you do not currently have a swipe card and want to come along I recommend ringing the buzzer between 8pm and 9pm when someone from the committee should be at the club. Obviously there is no commitment to attend but this is your club and if you want to meet like minded individuals and have a chat, and maybe a beverage then this is the place for that. I personally will endeavour to be there shortly after 9pm when I finish my track session.

To facilitate people getting swipe cards I will need to arrange for the VIBC photographer to be present so PLEASE LET ME KNOW BELOW:

1. Do you need/want a swipe card?
2. Are you available to come to the club on Monday's presently?
3. Would you be interested in attending a larger function on a Monday night i.e. an irregular curry/chilli/very reasonably priced meal night
4. If a meal evening can be organised (subject to VIBC) after one of the club's time trials e.g. 26th April would you be interested in attending?

Note 3 & 4 above would likely be an either/or rather than both option depending on peoples preferences. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP SO I CAN ORGANISE!



Graham C

Graham C
In answer to your questions

1. Yes Please

2 Yes, trying to adjust family to suit Laughing

3 Yes

4 Possibly, but would prefer #3



Ditto. (But replace the word "family" with "homework" Evil or Very Mad.)


Thanks both for your quick responses....anyone else?

Club will be open as usual tomorrow - I'll be there after the track coaching session has finished at 9pm

Mark Capocci

Mark Capocci
Hi Jerry,

I probably do but it's difficult for me to get there on a Monday evening as one week I'm at work and the following week im ferrying my kids around to their activities, the joys of being a parent Rolling Eyes

Perhaps I can just let you know as and when I may need one?



Paul Martin

Paul Martin
Just to add my two-pennysworth, the cards costs £10, are valid for as long as your remain a club member and the club subsidises the cost by 50%. As the club pays up front, you just have to handover £5 (when they are ready, not on the photo night) and you have access to cheap beer Monday evenings and all weekend too. drunken

Remember when teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors, rank+file civil servants, firefighters and lollipop ladies crashed the stock market, wiped out banks, took billions in bonuses and paid no tax? No, me neither.


Having paid my fees today I will need one, not sure when I can get there though - probably a week tomorrow.

So in answer to the questions:

1 - Yes
2 - I the next few weeks I intend to go for the first time
3 - Yep, sounds pretty good to me
4 - No. 3 is my preference but either way is good for me I guess


Thanks to those that have replied. Plan therefore is to try and arrange a good value meal for a Monday night when we can arrange for the VIBC photographer to be present to take pictures - I shall speak to VIBC and the caterers and try to arrange a suitable date.

In the meantime of course you are all welcome to attend the club on Monday nights from 7.30 until ~9.30pm (is open later but a lot of people tend to leave by this time), if you don't have a card just ring the buzzer and someone from the club will be on hand between 8 and 9pm to let you in.


1. yes
2. yes
3. yes
4. yes

I will check my duties to confirm dates

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