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Sportif Celebration - 16th or 17th July?

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1Sportif Celebration - 16th or 17th July? Empty Sportif Celebration - 16th or 17th July? on Mon 26 Apr 2010, 07:42

Lisa B

Lisa B
Av been thinking - would anyone be up for a Sportif celebration on Friday 16th or Saturday 17th July. It'll be the week after we do the Mega Meon 95 and thought WHEN we get round it we should celebrate somehow.... cheers

So if ur up 4 it, or just wanna come out for the evening - let me know & I'll organise something - most likely down Gunwarf as that's the only place I know that has lots of places to eat! (any other suggested locations would be welcome!) drunken

PM me or respond to this post about date...

I'll keep you posted rendeer

Let's hope I don't end up being Norman! lol!

2Sportif Celebration - 16th or 17th July? Empty Celebration on Tue 27 Apr 2010, 04:26

Mark B

Mark B
Let me think about that one for 2 nanoseconds - count me in.... Laughing

There is only one caveat on my part:

As you know, I treat my body as a temple (shame its Buddha's) therefore I will not be drinking alcohol (never touch the stuff) or eating junk food on the night.

I wil bring a bottle of PSP22 to energise myself and get through the evening with a mix of Go Bars and gels, finishing off with a Rego Recovery.

One question though - should I just mix half a bottle of vodka with the PSP22, and the other half with the Recovery, or put the whole lot in the PSP22 ?? lol!

Incidentally, I wouldn't worry about being on your own. Asking the PNE if they would like to go out on the **** is like asking if the Popes Catholic.

Seriously, Fri or Sat is OK for me. Very Happy

Lisa B

Lisa B
Phew - glad I won't be doin Billy or Norman impressions hurray! cheers

Woz thinking....for those who will complete the Mega Meon and those who just wanna come out and have some fun (family and friends welcome) something like the following:

* a few energy drinks to warm up
* lots of carbs in an eating establishment
* a few more energy drinks in a well placed public house
* a few more energy drinks at a local club - and for this last part I reckon we should have a non cycling competition - I'm thinking of an Abba vs John Travolta dance off scratch Wink

that way those who want to come out for a short or extended time can!!

I for one will be trying to re-kindle my youth - so here's to giving it some large as The Dancing Queen Laughing

and no club kit on the nite as we are a team in serious training! drunken lol!

Rich Walker

Rich Walker
Excellent idea peeps. However! Neutral

Just thought you should know, Julie J (social sec) is planning a club BBQ up at QECP for the sunday. There isnt a confirmed date yet but i was hoping, like you to springboard off the Mega Meon and get as many as we can for the BBQ.

We hope to get a confirmation of the BBQ pit soon and as soon as we have then we shall publish the event.

I dont see why we cant make a weekend of the post ride celebrations. I am sure there will be many takers for the offer of a few beers! bounce bounce

The plan for the sunday was to meet at QECP and then walk to visit the 'Green Field' an area of QECP that was named after a recently deceased club member 'Rod Green'.
The detail is going to be published by Julie as soon as possible.

I dont want to staunch your flow guys, just keep you abreast of the social plan yet to fully launched. Wink Wink

If anyone has any questions about the BBQ or any other social events please feel free to drop Julie an e-mail or PM.



I'm afraid that due to racing committments on the Sunday (18th) I wont be available for your Sportif celebration....this racing lark doesn't half get in the way!

Lisa B

Lisa B
Hi Rich, Julie - sorry - my enthusiasm yet again has got the beta of me....I knew I shoula checked first Embarassed Embarassed

A sunday barb-b-q sounds excellent & I for one will come along - (my recovery is usually a packet of wotsits but am sure I will tuck in with gusto!) If you need any help organising let me know....

In case you're interested, Sandy has found her Danny for the Dance off & am now looking for the ladies of the club to join the PNE Pink Ladies Very Happy

I will let Danny send out his role call for his T-Birds he tells me he is a pro on the dance floor & I for one, can't wait to see him bust-a-move Wink Wink

As for ABBA - I am looking for any willing volunteers to become the PNE Starship Troopers - so please make yourselves known any budding Benny, Bjorn, Frida and Agnetha's!!!

Here's looking forward to a great weekend Very Happy Very Happy

Rich Walker

Rich Walker
Paul, i think its time for you to dust off those spangly platform shoes mate. Shocked

I for one have only stay pressed trousers, loafers and a fred perry shirt. Wasnt much into dancin!! Laughing

ben wallis

ben wallis
Calling all male PNE riders, calling all male PNE riders, the challenge has been laid down, one of which we cannot back down or shy away from, no it's not South Harting with a 20mph head-wind, trying to keep up with Mr Rob Allen on another hill climb, a puncture on both wheels or even the Elite Mega Meon Sportive!!!

We've been challenged by the PNE Pink Ladies to strut our stuff, not on our Panet X or Pinarello but on the dance floor! it's time to get on your dancing shoes (and no Richard Platforms or SIDI do not count Smile ) and show the ladies of PNE that we are the John Travolta', Christopher Dean' & Anton DuBec' of the cycling world!

I'm leading the chain-gang for the TT-Birds (time trial birds Smile ) and I'm hoping for a great turnout & slick ride to the dance floor, so leave your spare tubes & pumps at home, forget about the slipping derallieur or the niggly back brake, instead, pick a pint & grab your TT-Birds jackets & meet me on the dance floor.


a.k.a Ben Very Happy


Very Happy Haven't got a clue what he's going on about.........perhaps that's a good thing though! affraid

I remember going once to a discoteque.....I think they played ABBA a lot lol!

Sleep I'll stick with the 'campag shuffle' afro

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