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PNECC Medium Gear '10' - Sunday 18th March - Risk Assessment

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I have ridden the entire course today and consider it fit for purpose with the following caveat:

There are a number of potholes located up to one metre out from the verge in both directions. These are largely to be found around existing drains, manhole covers and old repairs, especially along an intermittent underground drain or cable repair which weaves in and out of the above 1 metre zone. Therefore riders are advised not to ride with very light wheels and/or tyres. Riders are advised to be especially careful of manhole covers when descending to the turn at Chichester Northgate Roundabout.

As with all races, riders are advised to ride with flashing front and rear lights and a hard shell helmet, whilst not mandatory, is strongly recommended.

Paul Martin
Assistant Timekeeper, PNECC

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