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PNECC 15 Mile (PTTS) TT - Sunday 22nd April 2012 - Risk Assessment

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I have traversed the entire course and consider it fit for purpose with the following caveats:

Riders should consider not adopting the 'tri' position eastbound descending through North Boarhunt village past the former filling station due to a number of raised and uneven manhole covers.

Riders should be aware of an uneven road surface immediately after turning left at Staple Cross and should be especially aware of other road users if they choose to move away from the left hand gutter.

Riders should be aware of possible grit washed onto the road surface at the left turn at Racecourse Cottage.

Riders should consider not adopting the 'tri' position on the final descent past The Hurdles pub to the junction with the A32 at Millington Garage.

Riders should be aware of a number of smooth manhole covers at the left turn at Wickham Church, especially if it is raining.

Riders should take care not to perform a u-turn in the road after the finish without first stopping to check that it is safe to do so. Please don't approach the finishing timekeeper; times will be available at the HQ after the race has finished.

Consequently riders should use very light wheels and/or tyres only if they are satisfied that they can be ridden without sustaining damage.

As with all races, riders are advised to ride with flashing front and rear lights and that the wearing of a hard shell helmet, whilst not mandatory for riders 18 years old or older, is strongly recommended.

Don't forget that the first rider starts at 0800 and that riders need to allow themselves at least 10 minutes to ride from the signing on point at Wickham Community Centre to the start line at Wickham Common.

Paul Martin
Assistant Timekeeper, PNECC

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Is anyone planning to ride to Wickham tomorrow for sign on?



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Yeah, leaving southsea 0630

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Well done, Nick, Andrew, James, Alan, Tom, Steve, Mark, John, Rob and Gordon, bad luck Rich (chain) and Charlie (ill), and a big thank you to everyone else who lent their support for the event.

Very good PNE showing Very Happy

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Very Happy Results on the web site - any pictures email them to me and I can adapt and include - well done guys alien

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