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What to aim for next year ??

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1 What to aim for next year ?? on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 11:20

Soo im wondering what should i Aim to do next year, Around 10 months away when will be fit again
want to do really hard sportive or a race i can get ready for and should be about 100 miles
Any ideas the dog can chew on ?
Cheers hope your all well Very Happy

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2 Re: What to aim for next year ?? on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 21:11

Very Happy Hi Jack, nice to hear from you again. Hope you're well.

Wiggle Mega Meon - a definate for a 'club' group ride. South Downs College on top of Portsdown hill, can't get much more local than that? Has been well represented over the past 2 years, with 2010 as a memorable one where a large group started and finished together. Entires and more information at:


Secondly, the Southern Sportive from Petersfield, again a good club turn out, with many members completing varied distances, this year some completed the 'Gauntlet'. Link at:


A few members have had a run on and blogged some recent Sportives, take a look at the threads on the forum.

All the best alien

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3 Re: What to aim for next year ?? on Tue 08 Nov 2011, 00:17

Hi Jack

I think your best bet is to start riding every Sunday throughout the winter! 9am at the George so you can show off your hill climbing prowess....?

Anyway, when are we going to see you racing? Evening 10 mile time trials would be a start. Don't forget you don't need a low profile bike to ride one.

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4 Re: What to aim for next year ?? on Tue 08 Nov 2011, 04:14

Umm paul moving to ventnor iow in 2 weeks so cant do too much club runs now as 2.5 hours just to get to the george from my flat there but sometimes would be good, anyway once im back to riding about it will be ideal around ventnor area, dosent get much more hilly really ! , Going to aim to do the hill climb aswell for next year

And dave I remember 2010 mega meon well,I had done lots of miles that year and plowed through the 100 miles, Havent done much atall since then though so got bit of catching up to do but will aim to do that one next year

Good hearing from you and thanks for your thoughts

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