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Loyalty badges

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1Loyalty badges Empty Loyalty badges on Tue 14 Apr 2015, 00:57


To the committee,

I was recently riding with Dave Swaffer and mentioned this idea. For some reason, he liked it and suggested that I shared with you. One of the major pluses of PNE is the social and community spirit. I see this every Sunday when we get a newbie join the club rides.

I came across an article recently, or someone mentioned it, that in the old days members had to wear a club badge or they were fined. This was probably before the days of club kit. So, how about we resurrected the badge concept, but changed it to symbolize loyalty instead? After one year's membership, you received a badge, then say three, five, ten year or longer? This would encourage existing members to stay with the club, plus visually reinforces the message to new members, that we are a friendly club and that our members stay with us. Is also a cheap way to recognize that loyalty is valued by our club.

Just a thought. Thanks

Kevin Brackstone

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