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frame restoration

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1frame restoration Empty frame restoration on Fri 20 Aug 2010, 09:42

So ive done the search but nothing on the forum so far,

when my new planet x turns up i have a choice, get a winter frame and put the old ultegra gear on it from the bike that i have now, updated a little or, get the frame i have now re painted and just use that as a winter hack,upadted a little.

my question is.... anyone know of any decent stove enammellers/ powder coaters in the area?

i used to be in the trade so could get it done but want a specilist really.

if i have missed it on the forum then sorry, a point in the right direction would be apreciated.

thanks in advance.

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2frame restoration Empty Re: frame restoration on Sat 21 Aug 2010, 22:21

I'm a fan of the concept of buying a proper winter frame and keeping it until it breaks. I bought a Surosa Audax frame from Surosa Cycles two years ago for about £140 inc headset. 7005 Alu tubing and Alpine carbon forks. At that time they were cheaper than any similar frame but now they are £180 plus headset. I'd recommend the Ribble Audax which is the same thing but only about £140 inc carbon forks, headset extra. If you buy forks and/or headset separately I have the tools to fit, inc cutting forks down accurately, but I recommend getting it all from the same place. My Dad has a Ribble, as does Dave Swaffer if you want to view before you buy.

It's always a good use of downgraded equipment but the basis of any good winter bike is the frame. If you clip mudguards onto a racing frame it will always be a compromise and you will always be tempted to take them off in the summer; a true winter/work/hack bike has mudguards on all year round.

As for respraying, proper bike resprays cost £££. Bournemouth might be your nearest place. However ordinary resprayers are plentiful in the Yellow Pages. If you are talking steel you will have no problems. However alloy needs careful handling if it is to be shotblast withot damage. Make sure you ask the shotblaster first. Carbon paint jobs should be left to proper bike places such as Mercian, Bob Jackson, Roberts or Argos. Plenty of adverts in Cycling. If you get a local respray, I have all the taps to clean the threads (English only though, not (yet) Italian) and make sure you post a write up here.

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3frame restoration Empty Re: frame restoration on Sun 22 Aug 2010, 01:14

Argos of Bristol did a great job on my old Eddy Merckx. Which alas is hanging up in my shed.

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4frame restoration Empty Re: frame restoration on Sun 22 Aug 2010, 03:08

Carl, what is your Eddy Merckx made of?

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5frame restoration Empty Re: frame restoration on Sun 22 Aug 2010, 03:44

Columbus max throughout. It's an original one made in Belgium.

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6frame restoration Empty Re: frame restoration on Sun 22 Aug 2010, 03:49

Forgive my ignorance, but that's a steel tubing?

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7frame restoration Empty Re: frame restoration on Sun 22 Aug 2010, 04:01

Yes Paul

Steel it is. It was really thin walled and tapered at the lugs for strength. It was a frame that the original telecom team rode in the 1992 tour.

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8frame restoration Empty Re: frame restoration on Tue 24 Aug 2010, 22:48


Mark there's a place just before Port Solent on the right going to Fareham from Cosham on the A27 Just next to a car dealer. It's advert board is on the corner of it's brick building, sorry keep meaning to write its name down as I pass it 3-4 times a week. I'll repost if I remember to do so...

9frame restoration Empty powder coating on Mon 04 Apr 2011, 03:12

A couple of years ago I got a trike frame powder coated by a firm near the RN Armament Depot, just off the Fareham-Gosport road. Unfortunately I can't remember the name! It wasn't expensive and they did a nice job.

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