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PNECC Club Event P829_9 Time Trial 20th June 2013

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Thursday’s event is a club event & as such PNECC members take preference over guests.

Although having said that this event has been registered as Bike Week Event Bike Week Info

If the weather forecast is accurate there should be time for 40+ riders & there are usually no more than 20 PNE riders; guests will be accommodated on a 1st come 1st served basis.

Registration / sign-on will take place at Wickham Community Centre (Mill Lane Wickham, Hampshire PO17 5AL) in the car park to the rear of the building, from approx. 18:00 on the 20th, with the first rider scheduled to start at 19:00

Wickham Community Centre

The course is P829/9, (100 Acres - Southwick - 100 Acres) please see the following link to the course details provided on the PNECC website  TT page.

[url=http://www.mapmyride.com/route/gb/hundred acres/245126696842191808]P829[/url]

The cost is £4 for those aged 18 years of age or older & £2 for those under 18 years of age.

Anyone under 18 years of age will need an appropriately signed CTT Consent Form, if they have not already provided one for the current season.
A CTT Consent Form is available via the PNECC website in the TT section.


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Can you give me a late spot please Ray. Should be there about 7.15 if that's ok?


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I'm on a course in Reading that day but hoping to get back sharpish to sign in as early as possible - will definitely be riding barring any junforseen issues though Ray! 

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No problem Carl, I'll pencil you in for 20 ish

No worries Lee, see you Thursday, all being well.

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Im gonna try and break my virginity on this one lol:bounce:bounceLaughingLaughingLaughing

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Yep....me too Very Happy

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It's looking like it's going to be a busy evening; if that is the case I may change it to a 6 mile route to accommodate more riders, but I'll confirm that on the evening Smile

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Ray, can you start a bit earlier say 6.45pm or is that not allowed?

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Do you need a 15 minute head start mark?

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Jerry, how very dare you,  I need at least 30mins!!

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Sorry Mark, I input the appropriate notification forms back in January, with a start time of 19:00, so too late to change. 

If you need/want an early start you can be number 1, if you have registered in time.

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Ray, planning to break my duck! Can you add me to your numbers estimate?


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Will do Martin

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Ray, I dont need to be added at a particular time but i'm probably going to pop along, subject to me not being my kids taxi for the night!

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I am looking to have a first attempt at this game so can you book me a place not time specific but if you want to get home not too late Very Happy:D



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Oki doki Gordon, I've made a mental note.

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The latest BBC weather forecast is looking good so taking that into account & as this event is a Bike Week event, along with several other potential TT "newbies" that have told me of their intention to take part; I'm going to change this to the 6 mile route which will be much more straightforward.

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I'm keen to give this a try is there is space. Do you have to be signed on at 6 pm, or does sign on start at 6 pm? I'll be cycling out from Hayling so just trying to work out what time I need to leave. 

Do a few people do it on standard road bikes? I won't be the odd one out will I?

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Loads on road bikes - I'm taking mine tonight. Just use this simple formulae to work out your actual placing, my time - 1 second - James Ayton's time and subtract that from your time.

Sign on opens at 6, if you can get hold of Ray beforehand he might be able to reserve you a time. First rider off at 7.

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Just turn up at Wickham community centre between 6 - 7. Later if you've got kids who won't go to sleep when you want them too.  Go up the hill, which is First right after Chesapeake Mill.

Give £4.00 to Ray.

Follow all the other loons to the start line

Wait, wait some more, go to the start line with a minute to go. Some nice chap pushes you off. After 5 seconds of sprinting, the lactic acid is burning your quads cos you've not warmed up enough.

Suffer for 6 miles, usually the taste of warm blood in your mouth is an indication you're going well.


Go back to Comm centre and feel proud of yourself.

Then if you're bitten by the testers bug forget having any spare cash, as you'll be parting with it for a low pro, tri bars and enve wheels.

On the whole, enjoy yourself.

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Like Carl & Jerry said Smile

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I'll add you to the ever growing "pencilled in" list of riders Mozzy

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23PNECC Club Event P829_9 Time Trial 20th June 2013 Empty Provisional result of today's TT event on Fri 21 Jun 2013, 08:22

Pos.No.Rider NameClubTimeSpeed (mph)CatPNECC TT Points
143Oliver HitchingsHandsford00:13:4427.09S
239Neil DayusSHUTT00:14:0326.48S
320Nick AndrewPNE00:14:0426.45SV20
436Mike StaffordPNE00:14:2425.83S19
527Gary FerrettHRC00:14:2625.77S
635Andrew ShackleHandsford00:14:4225.31S
741Matt CottonPHCC00:14:5424.97S
86Matt LinhamPNE00:14:5924.83SV18
915Joe DonohueFW00:15:0924.55J
942Tom MorrisPNE00:15:0924.55S17
1116Tom GoodyerPNE00:15:1224.47S16
1210Jerry CollingwoodPNE00:15:2224.21S15
138Alan CockramPNE00:15:2424.16SV14
1438Evan Jardine-SkinnerSotonia00:15:2524.13S
153Lee MorganPNE00:15:3123.97S13
169Charlie Cresswell-HoggPNE00:15:4423.64J12
177Mark CapocciPNE00:15:5523.37V11
184Neil TaylorPNE00:15:5923.27V10
1930Tim JenkinsFW00:16:0623.11S
2040Carl BeckPNE00:16:2322.71SV9
2136Tom ScalesPHCC00:16:5322.03TBC
2232Robert BennettFW00:16:5921.90TBC
2323Bryan PuszkarP Tri00:17:0721.73S
2418Paul BongiovanniPNE00:17:2221.42S8
2431Joshua WhiteFW00:17:2221.42S
2644Adrian ScanlanCome & Try00:17:2621.34S
2729Andrew SmithFW00:17:5120.84S
2821Steve WentPNE00:17:5620.74SV7
2912Rupert RhodesPortsmouth Tri00:18:0220.63V
301Gordon RichardsonCome & Try00:18:0320.61V
312Karl MatherPNE00:18:0420.59J6
3228Mick BradyFW00:18:0520.57S
3317Iain BowkerPHCC00:18:0920.50S
3426Dee FerrettHRC00:18:2520.20L
3513Bruce TandyFW00:18:2820.14TBC
3522Martin RandlePNE00:18:2820.14SV5
3719Katie PycroftPNE00:18:3819.96L4
3825Adam WellsteadiTeam00:18:4019.93J
3834Paul JacobCome & Try00:18:4019.93TBC
405Jenny ThomsonFW00:19:0419.51L
4114Tracey French Come & Try00:19:4418.85L
4211Lindsey GradyPortsmouth Tri00:19:4618.82L
4324Jo Lovella3crg00:19:4718.80L
4433Janis WhitePortsmouth Tri00:20:2118.28L

Last edited by Ray on Sat 22 Jun 2013, 02:55; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Corrected Joe Donohue from S to J :))

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Chuffed with that! I thought I was smashing it until I was passed just over half way, turns out he won so not too bad. 

How many of the top ten would have been on TT bikes?

Last edited by mozzy on Fri 21 Jun 2013, 18:42; edited 1 time in total

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Great to see so much PNE representation tonight, some great rides out there.  Glorious weather helped too!

Very enjoyable (or as enjoyable as TT'ing can be anyhow!) - many thanks to Ray, Sheila & all the other helpers who made it possible as always.

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