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Rear Lights

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1Rear Lights Empty Rear Lights on Fri 28 Sep 2012, 04:41

With the onset of autumn and winter and deminishing light levels I'm looking at obtaining some rear lights.

Can anyone recommend from their experience makes and models where I should be best looking.

Also any to avoid would most welcome

Effectiveness and reliability are placed above price in my current thoughts.

Thanks in advance

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2Rear Lights Empty Re: Rear Lights on Fri 28 Sep 2012, 05:28

I generally use a Cateye TL-LD155-R Omni 5 with rechargable AAA batteries. The mounting brackets are adjustable & easy to fit/remove.

I have 2 of them & interchange them between bikes or clothing, I also mount them my wedge bag using the clothing bracket.

Other than the rubber cap (over the switch going missing on one of them) they've never let me down. They have 3 settings, constant, random ish & flashing. The battery life seems pretty good to me but as I said I use rechargeable cells so charge them as & when necessary.

I also use Giant Numen Aero Tail Light which uses 2 x 10p sized CR2032 batteries as the fitting is more suited to a seat post fitting. These batteries are about £2 each & last about 80 hours in flashing mode. The light still works with only 1 battery in, I discovered by chance, so that's handy.

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3Rear Lights Empty Re: Rear Lights on Fri 28 Sep 2012, 06:50

Just bought a knog blinder, it's very bright, rechargeable by USB, flexible attachment so will go around almost any seatpost

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