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Magnificat at Newbury

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1Magnificat at Newbury Empty Magnificat at Newbury on Sat 11 Jun 2011, 01:27


I entered this Sportive for Sunday 12th June, but due to a hefty crash last night out training, it's out of the question. I hit one of those huge traffic cone at about 30 mph on Bedhampton Roundabout, yes it did hurt, it still does, plus about 350 quids worth of damage to my bike as I managed to smash up both STI levers, this hurts more.

So due to being "off for a bit" there's a place going on the 51 miler. email me if you want it. 1st come 1st served.


2Magnificat at Newbury Empty Re: Magnificat at Newbury on Sat 11 Jun 2011, 03:42


shame about about the bad crash, by any chance was this to do with another bad driver ?
Shifters might be bodge able,my ultegra shifter fixed up ok when i fell straight on it a while back
I hope that nice frame of your isnt to bruised

3Magnificat at Newbury Empty Re: Magnificat at Newbury on Sat 11 Jun 2011, 08:11


Thanks Jack, fortunately my Waterford is unharmed. I think my leg, bars and STI's took the brunt of it. It was completly my fault as I was sprinting out of a corner and went straight into a traffic cone. My right leg is getting stiffer by the minute. I went to Casualty and they just said "Yep that's going to hurt for about a fortnight".

The STI levers are totally gone. The Blades have been ripped of the hoods. The credit card has taken a hammering via Ribble and CRC. Oh well. 2 crashes in 24 years isn't too bad.

See you when I'm back on the road.

4Magnificat at Newbury Empty Re: Magnificat at Newbury on Sun 12 Jun 2011, 07:08

Rich Walker

Rich Walker
Sorry to hear about your 'off' mate.

I hope you are on the mend. I can recommend arnica cream which is great for bruises. Its readily available in the supermarkets as 'arnicare' cream.

I have been liberally coating myself in the stuff since my crash while sprinting for signs two weeks ago.

Racing tomorrow so it’s the moment of truth.

Heal quickly mate.


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