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Keep Road Racing on the Road - British Cycling & Department of Transport

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Like a Star @ heaven DfT's Red Tape Challenge - Keep Racing on the Roads!

Your chance to feed back on the regulations you would like to see changed or removed is also a chance for you to help Keep Road Racing on the roads in the UK.


The government's "Red Tape Challenge" is currently running with a Road Transport Theme. All road transport regulations have been placed on the Red Tape Challenge website, a Government-wide site aimed at reducing bureaucracy. They will remain there for 4 weeks (until 17 June), during which the government are inviting the public and businesses to tell them what's working and what's not, what can be simplified and what can be scrapped.


One of the cornerstones of British Cycling's ongoing "Keep Racing on the Roads" campaign is the need to amend 50 year old regulations which cover cycle racing. The "Cycle Racing on Highways Regulations 1960" are, not surprisingly, very out of date and in need of revision. This is an ideal opportunity to underline this message and for you to help British Cycling's campaign.


Simply follow the links below and click on the Road Safety and Cycling option:

http://www.redtapechallenge.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/home/index/ Red Tape Challenge Website - Road Transportation Page bounce bounce bounce

Or http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/road/article/bc20110519-road-News--Keep-Racing-on-the-Roads-0 BC Road Safety and Cycling page

We'd suggest posting something along the lines of the following message:

"My response relates to the Cycle Racing on Highways Regulations 1960 which provide for the authorisation of cycle racing events on the public highway. These regulations are more than fifty years out of date and no longer fit for purpose. They are overly complicated and impose restrictions and cost burdens that are leading to less and less cycle road racing taking place."

"Many of the rules in these regulations need removing and others streamlining so that the procedure starts from the position that Road Racing is a legitimate sporting activity that should be encouraged. We want the government to give more power to race organisers and the police to work together so that expert volunteers can contribute to the marshalling of races. This will reduce the financial burden on race organisers and free up police resources for other important activity. Transport Minister Norman Baker has previously said such action is a priority and I urge Government to continue working with British Cycling for the modernisation of these regulations. "

Thank you for your help and support! sunny

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Paul Martin

Paul Martin
If someone can get hold of a CTT handbook they will note that the 1960 rules were amended in the 1970s. They are still out of date though.

In a similar vein has anyone noticed that they have painted cycle lanes up and down the newly resurfaced north face of Southwick Hill? What happens if we deviate from the lane after it gets filled with grit and bits of car...?

Remember when teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors, rank+file civil servants, firefighters and lollipop ladies crashed the stock market, wiped out banks, took billions in bonuses and paid no tax? No, me neither.


Paul Martin wrote:What happens if we deviate from the lane after it gets filled with grit and bits of car...?

The same thing as happens if we don't; we get mown down, or not depending how the driver behind us is feeling that day.


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