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2013 Membership Renewals and Membership information update

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Graham C

Graham C
Hi Everyone
Graham here, I’m the new incumbent as your Membership Secretary, I will also send this message to you all be email shortly to trap any shortfalls in our data and it feels as though I have just rewritten War & Peace so here goes.

Christmas & New Year are approaching and that means the annual membership renewals are on the horizon. Full memberships are £20 irrespective of when you pay and please remember the club rules state that after 3 months you are deemed not to have joined.

Also prompt payment would be greatly appreciated as membership fees are clubs main source of income and it’s this income that allows and assists Jerry to source club kit as stock items.

Please email me if you require my home address to post me your cheques and please make all cheques payable to Portsmouth North End Cycling Club.

Since November when I took over the Secretary’s role I have had a chance to see if there was any way to update the membership system and make it a little bit more efficient.

In the past after every renewal you would have been issued with a new card for the current year.

I found in Rob's handover pack a number of cards that he was still unable to hand over to their respective owners. With that in mind I have now taken a snapshot of the membership as of the end of 2012 and have allocated each 2012 member an individual membership number.

I received membership records dating back to 2002 and this is the datum from which I have based your numbers, certainly for the longer standing members.

To coincide with the new numbers there will be a new type of card introduced which will be a one off issue and not every year. If you do lose it though, I can easily replace it.

The card will carry your name, membership number and category, along with the date of joining based on records I mentioned above.

Also in light of a few recent incidents involving club members, the reverse of the card will carry the "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) telephone numbers you have supplied on your membership forms. I know a lot of people carry an ICE number on their mobiles, but in the unfortunate event of an accident the phone could be damaged and the information not accessible, hence the back up of the card.

The cards will also be laminated for durability.

To make these cards as accurate and as up to date as possible and so that I can update the club records, I would be very grateful if you could please email me your current Emergency Contact Numbers for use on the cards.

Please use the membership@pnecc.co.uk address to contact me on all matters.

This exercise is aimed at the more established members, where details may have lapsed. Those that have joined this year I am assuming your details are up to date as per your forms unless you are aware there has been a change since you joined.

Given the new durability of these cards we hope that you carry them at all times when riding either in your jersey pocket or perhaps keep it in your under saddle bag.

The Sunday club runs generally have a hardcore following so I also hope to use all the information gathered to prepare a generic signing on form certainly for the social club run whereby all the relevant ICE numbers are preprinted for the regular attendees and only the occasional / new riders need add their names manually. This proposal is obviously a work in progress and will evolve as the information is gathered.

VIBC Membership Cards.

It has been a while since we last had a photo session to generate the VIBC cards which allow easy entry to the Monday club night meetings and the advantage of social membership to the VIBC and the benefits that incurs.

Our membership has grown considerably since May so we are proposing to organise another photo call in the New Year.

The cost of the VIBC membership card is £10 but the club will subsidise that by £5 as usual.

What I require is list of names of those who require a card so we can contact VIBC to start the ball rolling.

In conjunction with the photo shoot we would like to combine it with a social meal of say a curry, chilli, or a lasagne as we have done in the past.

Also Jerry is expecting the current clothing order to be in sometime in early February so we would be looking for a date around Monday 25th February to tag on a clothing hand out and sale.

This date is also subject to discussion and agreement with VIBC, and could obviously change.

Miguel will be the contact for the meal side of things in the New Year but first and foremost I require the names for the photo cards.

It just leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and ride safe. santa rendeer

I’m off for a lie down. Sleep


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