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Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb

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1 Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Mon 20 Feb 2012, 01:36

Was a little chillier than I wanted this morning but the sun was out and the track didn't seem wet by comparison to some of the training sessions I've done there. After a gentle warm up about 35 riders lined up on the starting grid, a quick briefing later and we were racing.

The first lap was fairly neutral at around 32kph (20mph) with nobody really wanting to take up setting a fast tempo, from lap 2 attacks started to fly in, possibly part of a game plan, possibly a few first race of the season (or in Tom and my cases career) nerves. After 15 minutes I told myself I had been one of the largest, if not the largest protagonist off the front and I should save some energy so when Tom came riding past and launched an attack with a member from iTeam I looked at the bunch and said "not my problem", it was a few laps before they pulled Tom back but like every other attack it ended with the bunch back together heading for a sprint finish.

With 5 minutes and 3 laps (race for Cat 4 is 40 minutes plus 3 laps) to go I found myself next to Tom towards the back of the bunch, albeit a slightly smaller bunch due to drop outs for whatever reason. I realised that we had to make a move now or when the pace really kicked in we would be stuck at the back. I had Tom on my wheel as I went scarily close to the barrier on the outside of turn 1 to find space. Using the banking I was able to accelerate towards the front of the group where I slotted in and over the next 5 minutes made my way up to third wheel behind two riders from Team Wiggle. Unfortunately I had lost Tom by this point, or maybe I hadn't, I was concentrating too much on the rider in front and those trying to come past me to look at what was going on behind. One of the wiggle riders stayed on the front and I figured that he was trying to line the sprint up for the second rider so I made sure I sat on his wheel.

With half a lap to go a large group came around the outside on the back straight and for a moment I had a horrible realisation that I was about to get boxed in and stuck on a faltering lead out train. Fortunately a slight gap appeared and the second wiggle rider went for it, I quickly pounced on his wheel as another rider tried to close the door and I held my nerve to escape through back into about 5th or 6th position. Keeping the inside line into the last bend I was making progress on two riders outside and at an opportune moment a gap appeared between the 3rd and 4th placed rider and I was able to work my way outside mid way through the final corner. Kicking hard I soon relegated the rider from Team Wiggle to 4th and had my sights firmly set on the Southern Velo rider who had a two bike length lead. I felt I had the speed at the end but unfortunately not the distance to the line and had to settle for 2nd place although to be honest, in my first ever race, I can't complain really. Very Happy

I'll leave Tom to recount his experience, and Andy who is currently racing with the elites as by the time he got to sign on the 3rd Cat race was full. Andy...what do we learn? lol


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2 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Mon 20 Feb 2012, 03:12

Jerry's pretty much covered it all.

Thought the breakaway was a good idea at the time. Turns out it wasn't Evil or Very Mad
After that I decided to sit in the bunch. Nearing the end of the race, I found Jerrys wheel, who then did a good job moving up through the group. As he said, I lost his wheel, just as he went close to the barrier. I continued to move up, and when the bell wnet, was not in a bad position on the outside (although a bit far back).

However, as everyone jockeyed for postion, I found myself forced further and further to the ouside of the track, almost losing the back wheel going into the final turn, going too close to the grass. After that I was too far back to do anything, and just rolled through the finish. Will have to be a bit braver next time.

Well done to Jerry for a great performance Very Happy

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3 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Mon 20 Feb 2012, 06:06

For anyone interested there are rather a lot of photos of today's event here courtesy of Graham Robins:


Anyone interested in the sprint finish, if you load


Then click 'next', wait for it to load, then repeat until you are at image 73. Hit 'back' in your browser 5 times (as there are 5 pictures), then click forward 5 times you can watch the sprint unfold like a flip chart.

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4 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Mon 20 Feb 2012, 07:16

Awesome work guys!! I did stop by the track on the way back from my ride and caught the start of the 3/4ths race. I did keep an eye out for any PNE but must have missed you. Great work Jerry to get a 2nd in your first race, I had a bash at it last year and those with a lack of fitness soon get found out!! Was a good size field for early season and you now have cycling carrer earnings!! Very Happy
Now life with the new baby is settling down I might get back on the race training and have another crack mid season. I thought i would give it a miss this year but being back down the track has whetted the appetite again!!

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5 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Mon 20 Feb 2012, 08:22

bounce Well done fellas. bounce There is now a page on the website for reports. I've copied from the forum but you can email me for each race (or post as you have already here) and I'll stick it on the results pages. It doesn't matter if your experience is a bad one, the more you report the greater interest it will attract.

Andy can you also post your race info?

Keep them coming alien

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6 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Fri 24 Feb 2012, 08:19

According to British Cycling, PNE has points:

PNE Ranking

& yes I do feel smug about being ranked 2nd Cat 4 in the region Very Happy

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7 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Mon 12 Mar 2012, 23:31

Loooong overdue this... but I did indeed ride in the E/1/2/3 and it was FAST! I didn't actually start my Garmin until half-way into the race, since I forgot at the start and the average for the last 30 mins or so was 27.5mph. The first half of the race seemed a lot quicker, since there was a lot of attacking until a break of 9 eventually got free. It was clear that these 9 were the stronger riders and they quite quickly got the lap on the field. It settled a bit after, with a few more guys trying to jump clear. I had a go myself a couple of times, but at that level its one thing getting up the speed required to get off the front, but its another thing sustaining it! In addition, even resting in the wheels at that speed wasn't easy, you really have to fight for your position to keep a wheel, most of the time there was only one or two to chose from!

Later in the race two V.C. St.Raphael guys slipped away and managed to stay away until the end.

In the sprint, as always position is crucial. I tried to get into a good place by following a couple of guys in yellow up to the front round the outside, but with UK Youth driving on the inside that part of the race was moving a lot faster. I came in 28th, which I was pretty pleased with considering I just wanted to survive the hour!

Greg Mansell of UK Youth took the win.

Overall, it was pretty awesome and inspiring to ride and at times actually compete with these guys who will be riding some of the premier UK events this year. I really enjoyed the experience.

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8 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Tue 13 Mar 2012, 08:17

Nice one mate, good on you for braving the elites race!!!
Hows the training been going this winter, looks like you've been smashing some miles in. Have you seen much of Rich? You set for your 2nd cat this year then?
Not managed much since the arrival of the baby but have just started Chris Carmichaels 'Time Crunched Cyclist Training Plan'. Its 12 weeks of high intensity work, peaking for a block of about 4 weeks before backing off, resting and then starting it again. I'll drop you a line when ive got a bit of fitness back and hook up for a ride.

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9 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Wed 14 Mar 2012, 22:25

Hi James! Good to hear from you! And a belated congratulations on the new arrival! I hope its all going well!

Yup, been getting a fair few miles in this winter, just trying to get a nice base to build on for the season really. I've been out with Rich, Matt and Keith pretty much every Saturday morning since December, and then heading out on the Sunday with anyone who's around. But there's no real plan for me this season, its very much 'race to get fit' as its just all about racing as much as possible and trying to figure out what races suit me best. So not sure about getting my Cat 2 yet, but we'll see. I've joined the Surrey League so I can do a lot more road races this season as that's what its all about!

That sounds like a nice little training plan, you'll have to let me know how it works out! Definitely drop me a line soon though and we'll sort out a ride! Have you still got my number?

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10 Re: Mountbatten Circuit Race - 19th Feb on Thu 15 Mar 2012, 08:02

Yep, still got it, give me about 3/4 weeks and I will pop out with you guys on a saturday and see how long I last!! I'll give you a bell.

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