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Meon Valley Riser

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1 Meon Valley Riser on Mon 06 Feb 2012, 21:23

Just a tentative question.

Does anyone fancy doing the Meon Valley Riser on 1st April. Just the 47 mile route, but ride to the event in Fareham?


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2 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Tue 07 Feb 2012, 03:57


I'll be interested in doing that with you matey, seen all the details on their web site? have you booked yet?

Keith Very Happy

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3 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Tue 07 Feb 2012, 04:01

Not yet Mr Foster. Just gonna clear it with the wife to make sure she hasn't booked me elsewhere. But 47 miles, start early, be home by mid day.

Look forward to it matey


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4 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Tue 07 Feb 2012, 04:08

already booked on to the epic route of this - http://www.ukcyclingevents.co.uk/events/sportivephoto-southern-spring-classic-2012/ hopefully get some nice pictures...for free!

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5 meon riser on Tue 07 Feb 2012, 05:42

Just entered this today,but are you syre it starts in Fareham?

Darby Twisted Evil

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6 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Tue 07 Feb 2012, 07:18

The start and finish line for the Riser is at Boundary Oak School, which is located just off of junction 10 of the M27.

Boundary Oak School
Roche Court
Wickham Rd
PO17 5BL

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7 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Fri 10 Feb 2012, 23:08

All signed up for the Meon Valley Riser! Very Happy

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8 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Mon 12 Mar 2012, 19:51

I was out with you guys yesterday (Quickstep cycling top) I was only on my second run out with you guys. Anyway, is anyone booked in for the MVR 88 miler route?



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9 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 22:54

The results are up for the MVR on www.sportstimingsolutions.co.uk for those who did it. I did see a few PNE club jersys around the route. It was a great ride with even better weather. Very Happy

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10 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Tue 03 Apr 2012, 04:53

I did the 47.5 mile route, was a lovely ride and perfect weather.

I had a pedestrian time of 4:21 but going round I knew it was going to be very slow. Was riding with my friend who was on a 20kg+ mountain bike. According to my phone I spent about 30 minutes in total waiting at the top of hills for him plus we made a silly wrong turn that added on about 10 mins. It meant I could enjoy the scenery but would of liked to have seen how fast I could have gone. I'm sure I'll enter again next year.

Nice to see some of you at the start and then whizz past me as I was dordling along Smile

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11 Re: Meon Valley Riser on Tue 03 Apr 2012, 07:29

At least you took part in it Toby. Doesn't matter how slow or fast you go. What is important is that you enjoyed the day. I did the long one and i was bloody knackered when i got home. We too had a detour for about 3 or 4 miles. I also had 2 punctures and i cant remember the last time i had one before that, typical Rolling Eyes Probably added about 35mins in total to our time.

Need to get more of these longer rides in i think to try and build up my fitness.

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