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1Chains Empty Chains on Sun 15 Jan 2012, 09:25

I'm buying a new chain for my 9 speed Campag. Has anyone got an opinion on whether I should buy a Campag one or a KMC one?

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2Chains Empty Re: Chains on Mon 16 Jan 2012, 02:29

Charlie, how old are you cogs? The reason I ask is if you put a new chain on old cogs it will slip in the lower gears.

KMC are getting rave reviews. Paul M was praising them, so they get Mr Campag's seal of approval. Not sure what Campagnolo chains are like as only good stuff goes on my steed.

The last comment was purely tongue in cheek and said to annoy the aforementioned Mr Martin.

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3Chains Empty Re: Chains on Mon 16 Jan 2012, 02:31

both are good, kmc gets my vote for stronger though, i use them on my rode bikes and mountain

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4Chains Empty Re: Chains on Mon 16 Jan 2012, 03:49

I'm not sure how old the cogs are, Carl, as I bought the bike on ebay. They certainly don't look worn. I think I'll go with KMC; it's cheaper. One other thing: do all chain tools work with all chains?

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