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Club Clothing.

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1Club Clothing. Empty Club Clothing. on Mon 31 Oct 2011, 07:57

I have a suggestion for the committee.

Next week we've got some new members riding the Devil's Punchbowl Sportive. Would it be a good idea if the club has a few jerseys (not shorts) just for members to borrow to wear for these events whilst they're awaiting for new stock to come in. They would have to return them washed of course.

I'm going to be lending one of our riders a top and thought of this.

Like I say, just a suggestion.


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2Club Clothing. Empty Re: Club Clothing. on Tue 01 Nov 2011, 02:48

There's a heck of a lot of 'PNE' clothing out there. I wonder if any ex-PNE members fancy donating any of it to the club? Otherwise I would recommend gilets for this purpose. We can afford to buy half a dozen in various sizes.

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3Club Clothing. Empty Re: Club Clothing. on Tue 01 Nov 2011, 03:27

Yep defo. When my new Short zip top comes in I've got a full zip XL top that I will be more than willing to donate. It's not the best but it will do.

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4Club Clothing. Empty Re: Club Clothing. on Tue 01 Nov 2011, 19:40

Very Happy I think the juliet idea is spot-on. What's wrong with the club purchasing half a dozen as 'stock' items and loaning them to new members as a 'matter of course' until their ordered kit arrives? Of course this has to be on the basis that the new member HAS ordered a top on joining? Very Happy

bounce Carl there is an AGM coming up, this is a sensible proposition to put forward to the committee, get someone to second it, then submit to Paul. Lets have more ideas from the members, for the members (who attend the AGM) to vote on - this is what we (the committee) keep battling on about - YOU the members having a say in how your club operates for YOU. alien

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5Club Clothing. Empty Re: Club Clothing. on Thu 21 Feb 2013, 05:26

Sorry not revisited this post since the AGM, there was a problem with this idea in so far as our supplier had run out of material for Gilet's....however I am pleased to say this has been resolved so for you information from now on if there is a wait for a jersey to new members the club will aim to provide them with a gilet on loan in the meantime so they can wear the club colours with pride Very Happy

Hopefully I shall be handing two out tonight in fact.

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