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1Forks Empty Forks on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 03:42

Hi all,
I'm looking to get a carbon fork for my carrera tdf but I'm not too sure on how different angles/rakes will affect the bike. I've looked at this. If anyone could offer any advice I'd be grateful.

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2Forks Empty Re: Forks on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 04:01

I think it is down to the angles of your head tube. If you go for too low a rake like a 40 it will throw the handling of your bike out. 43m it the most common one being imported into the country so the chances you'll need a 40 rake is rare.

Not much help but I do know that 40 rake is rare. I've got a hand built steel American frame and i wrote the forks off after hitting a traffic cone. I needed 40 rake and only had the choice of Wound Up or ENVE so I doubt you'll have that problem, if you do need 40's then wave good buy to the best part of 350 quid.


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3Forks Empty Re: Forks on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 08:07

Thanks, Carl. Going on that, could anyone tell me whether the above Fuji fork would fit my frame as I'm not too knowledgeable on this sort of thing? If not could anyone suggest one that would fit?


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4Forks Empty Re: Forks on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 19:30

Very Happy Hi, the fuji fork is an integrated fork but with the correct headset would fit but may not look aesthetically pretty. Looking at the Carrera TDF range the fork fitted is quite a straight fork. IMO I'd stay with the bike as present. I wrode Carreras Virtuosa and Vanquish and although 6061 alloy with steel forks and classed as 'heavy' in their day, they were stable and comfortable bikes. The benefit of fitting a carbon fork to the bike is more likely to change the set-up and then potential to spoil the ride you already have - there are always pundits happy to sell you a 'go faster' 'smother ride' bit of equipment, but I suspect you are pretty happy with your bike set-up? I don't know your situation but consider kit for winter approaching and safety items (winter tyres etc.) prior to replacing your fork. Imagine buying that 'bargain' and then having a very twitchy unstable bike? Rolling Eyes

Further advice could be sought from Paul Martin, hope that helps? alien

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5Forks Empty Re: Forks on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 23:28

Hi Charlie

It was me you spoke to on Sunday. As I see it, you are trying to lighten your bike a bit and IMHO carbon forks would make quite a bit of difference compared with the steel ones you currently have. Bear in mind that your current forks are just cromo steel and not the ultra light steel alloy forks made by columbus and reynolds etc so are v heavy. Don't worry about steerer rake as a normal road frame with a head angle of 73 to 74 degrees will match up with just about any 'normal' fork on the market. However don't waste money on the forks you've spotted as Ribble Cycles do a more suitable one here:


I'd go for the Blackstorm ones.

I have successfully fitted a carbon fork to a frame identical to your one so we will need to look carefully at your headset to make sure it can be transferred over but there is nothing that can't be solved. The Carrera frame is a good solid one and you can slowly upgrade other components as you go along.


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