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Hill Climb Result

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1 Hill Climb Result on Wed 12 Oct 2011, 09:08

Buriton Hill Climb Results

1 GEORGE ELLIS PNE JUN 1m 20.41 sec 20pts

2 PHILIP WISE PNE 1m 26.55 sec 19 pts

3 JOSE NOTO PNE 1m 29.16 sec 18 pts

4 ANDY SHACKEL I T JUN 1m 29.60 sec

5 HARRY VEALE PNE JUN 1m 32.67 sec 17pts

6 ANDREW CARTER PNE 1m 35.22 sec 16pts

7 TOM GOODYER PNE 1m 36.75 sec 15 pts

8 JAMES LINDSAY PNE JUN 1m 40.61 sec 14 pts

9 NEIL TAYLOR PNE 1m 41.16 sec 13pts

10 ROB ALLEN PNE 1m 41.84 sec 12pts

11 ROBERT PANTER PNE JUN 2m 13.92sec 11 pts

12 TONY WILCOCK FW 2m 35.45 sec

I'll post it on the website once i've finished rebuilding my laptop and configuring all the software I need on it to work on the web

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2 Re: Hill Climb Result on Wed 12 Oct 2011, 22:35

Having spoken with the other race officials, we have come to the conclusion that we need to find another course for next year's event. This partly due to the narrowness of the start area and also due to comments about the course being quite short.

Currently there are a couple of new courses being proposed: The first is the B2177 up Southwick Hill and the second is Old Winchester Hill from Warnford to Teglease. Both courses have their own merits but would need to be measured and approved for use by Cycling Time Trials.

I'd appreciate riders' views please and would also consider any other hills you think might make good courses. The main criteria are: car parking (at the top and/or bottom), line of sight for the timekeepers and other road users, condition of the road surface, the volume of other traffic and, ideally, ease of access to toilets/refreshments.

Over to you!

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3 Re: Hill Climb Result on Fri 14 Oct 2011, 10:20

Very Happy southwick hill certainly gets my vote, decent length, safer cycle lane, you could race up, finish as you pass the bus stop, continue around the roundabout, double back on the road you ascended, then pull into the top car park on the left - even having the hq in this top car park would be ideal, with riders rolling down the hill to the course start at the botttom lay by?
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4 Re: Hill Climb Result on Mon 17 Oct 2011, 03:10

as a new one i would say the steeper one out of harting maybe too long though i dunno, car park at top,
toilets in pub and not that busy usaully with traffic
And paul will be back to win the next one- ow wait just have to get fit again first Mad

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