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can i ask general opinions/advice on cycling in leg warmers (not the 80s ones!)

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although i do like the look of the 80s leg warmers, i dont think theyd do me much good on the bike. haha
basically i have never believed in these leg warmer things, but recently in the cold ive been seeing alot of people wearing them, are they just to keep you warmer or do they serve a function for muscles etc? ive been experiencing some real thing ache over the last 2 weeks which i cant explain and wonder, if these ones work in the way that rugby skins work (ie. as explained on their homepage: &utm_campaign=SKINS%2BSPORTS%2B%28UK%29]http://store.skins.net/uk/sports/rugby.html?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PPC&utm_term=[rugby%2Bskins]&utm_campaign=SKINS%2BSPORTS%2B%28UK%29 )
then i would be interested but ive had a little shop around for them and i cant really see if this is the case or not: http://www.twenga.co.uk/dir-Sports,Cycling,Cycling-leg-warmers as far as i can see here, they are purely for warmth which i dont think i need...
can anyone advise?

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Personally I've never worm them. As soon as it gets chilly i pop the leggings on.!! lol
I know a few that wear them through spring and autumn so maybe thats their porpuse!


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Very Happy personally, winter roubaix leggings or bib-longs, summer shorts or bib-shorts BUT if you venture out early am or late pm spring/autumn when you could normally do with shorts once the sun is up then they keep you warm until the sun takes over. They roll up small, can easily pop in the back of your jersey, so in that instance they are very useful. It's a bit like marmite, or shaving yer legs........oh that's another debate!

All the best Very Happy

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you shave your legs with marmite?!?!?!?!
i thought it was just me............... lol!

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