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Warm-ups for maximal tests

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1Warm-ups for maximal tests Empty Warm-ups for maximal tests on Thu 23 Dec 2010, 21:10

Hi Folks,

There are a couple of ways of setting training zones either form the top down i.e. maximal result (HR, power) or a submaximal measure (e.g. lactate/ventilatory threshold, functional threshold power, critical power etc...), however for all I would advise a low intensity warm-up of 30 minutes.

I have switched to using this longer warm-up for all the testing I have carried out over the last couple of years, whether it be for research or just one-offs, it is also well supported in the scientific literature and may well be worth considering for testers prior to shorter events (10-25 mile TT).

Any questions drop me a line/post reply happy to discuss.

For info I'm on a set of e-maotion rollers in the garage after being off the bike for a few weeks with a weird hip problem.


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