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what do you think of the Mountbatten Track

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1 Poll on Wed 08 Dec 2010, 06:16

what do you think of the mountbatten track?

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2 Re: Poll on Thu 09 Dec 2010, 01:59


Sorry can't say, only passed by never been in, however, if I'm right you have so what's you're opinion?

3 Re: Poll on Thu 09 Dec 2010, 05:31

Its ok its not a propper wooden velo but i have raced on it so i have got used to it. Its now much better since they have resurfaced it about 2 or so years ago. Now it about 1/2 a km every lap and open air. In the summer when its sunny and warm its alright but in the winter it can be unpleasent

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4 Re: Poll on Tue 14 Dec 2010, 06:23

It's 100 times better than it was. It's needed a new surface ever since they dug trenches through it building the Mountbatten Centre in 1982!

It gets a thumbs up from me as a training circuit any time of the year. I recommend it to any rider wanting to stretch their legs on a Friday night.

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