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Hi all i once joined the pnecc in may 1990 as a young 19 year old, left in july 1991 i continued training, then i decided to rejoin in 1999, then had a quiet spell as had kids etc...in 1997 my 1st son arrived, then 1998 my second son arrived, then in 2001 my twins arrived what a great time me and my wife was having :heart: , then in jan 2003 our only daughter died at birth (medical neglect) :( , the loss of our daughter hit us all very hard (rip kimberley),I DID A 15 MILE CHARITY RIDE IN SOUTHAMPTON ON 31 AUGUST 2004 WHICH I WON! HAD A NASTY CRASH ON THE FINISH LINE LOL.
Well 2007 me and wife split, stress of it all was too much...
I now live in north end with new girlfriend, but now i miss not being fit anymore, once i cycled 1200 miles per month, now i do barely 30 !!!
Il send my application to rob on 1st july, start training to race asap, wish u all the very best and look forward to seeing you all again soon
all the best from: HUGH BEAVER

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We meet at the Leopard pub in Purbrook on Monday evenings, pop in for a drink and see some of us, be good to catch up on old times. Some of us oldies are still turning them pedals.


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3 thank you on Mon 28 Jun 2010, 11:32

Hi thanks, il pop in to pub next monday as working days 7am-7pm this monday and tuesday too much work lol, im off the monday after so il come along then, also is it ok to leave your bike at the pub? safe? or does everyone drive there?
im still in contact with greg rolfe another retired cyclist lol from the 1990's il try and bring him too! we have very little contact as we have too busy lives these days...

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Yes there is a place in the garden to put your bike. Be good to see Greg again, not seen him for years.

See you one Monday, keep you eyes on the forum for rides, they are relaxed and sedate sometimes. Sundays are best. This coming it the Osle of Wight, next is a sportive, up to 95 miles for the mad ones.

All the best


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5 RIDES ETC on Tue 29 Jun 2010, 10:44

Hiya thanks for your help...
also who were members in pne in 90-91 and 99 when i was there, there was paul martin, sheila, greg rolfe, des ludford, martin and ben, steve knight, a few that i remember oh and fiona simpson, and her dad, i seen fiona at the portsmouth halfords stage and we said hello then a crash hit the barriers right where she was stood.
i did a ride yesterday eve (sunday) to test the legs, did north end to gosport ferry and back a total of 26 miles in 1 hr 26 min ave 17.8 mph had cramp in 7miles lol, soon dissapeared then i felt good just used small ring as didnt wanna push it too much, when i got back was so hot sweaty, woke up mon am for work and my legs ached a lot, but ok after a 12 hour shift! will do same ride tue night after 12 day shift!
il keep u updated...
thanks again rob for all your help. :D

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Hi Hugh, good to have you back in the fold. As Rob says, there are plenty of opportunities to ride with the PNE these days. Some of us oldies are still about, having gone away and come back again. Please remember me to Greg Rolfe when you next see him. I often wondered what happened to my old Colnago after he crashed it...! Paul

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7 HIYA on Fri 02 Jul 2010, 06:19

Hiya paul,
greg had lots of crashes and lots of accidents training and riding to work etc after his parents died a few years ago, greg sort of gave up cycling completely! i tried to get him to re-join but he really had no interest and last time i seen him he said hes bought a cheap reunaround mountain bike to get a to b, so il text him soon and let him know im meeting you lot on monday next week and you never know we could both return!
it will be great to be back in the club cycling is such a good sport great for the body and mind thats why its so hard to stop! im about to do my usual route tonight flat gosport course from north end 26 odd miles 1h 23m i did on tue, so i am improving...slowly, so i hope to beat that again tonight tho just done 12 hours overtime 7am to 7pm!il get in touch with greg asap and keep you updated chat soon, say hi to sheila for me, i promised her id be back a few years ago when i seen her time keeping in heavy rain at a course on the back of the hill...it was just a matter of time lol

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