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2015-11-01 - Home run along Lovedean Lane

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12015-11-01 - Home run along Lovedean Lane Empty 2015-11-01 - Home run along Lovedean Lane on Wed 04 Nov 2015, 18:34

Video from Sunday, always fun on the way back & down from Sustainability.

Bravo all for the solid bit of team work Laughing

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Is it supposed to make that noise? Doesn't that shorten the life of your GoPro?

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The main sound was the speed! of course. Bad road surface didn't help...the wheezing and other spurious cracks etc where probably me.

The GOPROs are definitely tough enough to survive the bracket snap and bounce that followed 45seconds later lol!

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Did you get my message when i picked up your go pro pete?

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Aye Carl, nice accent Wink

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