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1TTT Empty TTT on Wed 26 Aug 2015, 00:14

I took part in the Farnham road club 25 mile TTT this weekend with a couple of the Wheelers boys Paul Morris and Chris Ewing and ASL 360's Chris Fletcher. We managed a very good time of 52:57 which gave us an overall finish of 6th place.
It was a very well run event and extremely satisfying to compete in as a team, we spend all season racing alone against the clock so this made a very nice change.
I am looking ahead to next season already and think it would be great if we could get 2 may be even 3 teams up for this event or any other similar TTT. I think we have enough very good time trialist within PNE to be able to push for a top 3 finish in this event. I was looking at a team of myself, Tom Morris, Mike Stafford and Mark Stafford thats if your still going to be up for the TT's next season Tom. Nick i already spoke to you about this a couple of months ago and you mentioned its not for you.

We could also put together a mixed team to get the ladies involved or even a complete team of 4 ladies !!
So Tom Morris,Mark Stafford,Mike Stafford,Rob Panter,Alan Cockram,Tom Goodyear,Rhys Lippiatt,Tommy Frampton,James Ayton,Alan Collins,Greg Rolfe,Tim Higgs,Nancie Dawkins,Yvonne Frampton,Sam Moore,Katie Pycroft what are your thoughts on this.
Thats four teams with these names that regularly do TT's and a complete team of ladies.


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2TTT Empty Re: TTT on Fri 28 Aug 2015, 23:09

I'm up for that Very Happy On a road bike team, of course! Laughing

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3TTT Empty Re: TTT on Sat 29 Aug 2015, 04:33

Good stuff Alan, been a good response for the ttt for next season, i have a list of names so far to fill 2 nearly 3 teams. As soon as the fixtures are out for next season ill post them on here or FB then we can sort out the teams.

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4TTT Empty Re: TTT on Tue 01 Sep 2015, 20:28

Yes, I'm still up for this. Won't be able to get my hand on a TT bike until after Xmas, but plenty of time to get fast for next season.

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