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1 From the Club Archives on Wed 01 Oct 2014, 09:09

The Sid Mead trophy needs a new base as there is no longer the room to place any more names on it.  The intention is to have all of the old names put onto the a new base but, unfortunately, some of the more recent name plates have fallen off of the old base, the modern impact adhesive clearly not being up to the job.  Anyway, as Club Secretary I have access to the PNECC's minute books going back to 1911 (although the Club was formed in 1900) so, in an attempt to find who was awarded the trophy between 1990 and 2009, I was thumbing through the old PNECC minutes and between the pages found twelve handwritten notes on the Club's history by the late Ernie Dikes, Dick Evans' predecessor as Club President.  Looking through these notes I discovered a little nugget of information some of you might find amusing:

Anyone who has a current PNECC top will have noticed the small badge printed on the left of the chest, this being a facsimile of the brass badge used by club riders in the days when cycling clothing consisted of caps, tweed jackets and plus fours. I have some very early photographs of PNECC club runs and, sure enough, they are all wearing their little brass badges, either on their lapels or on their flat caps.  I've always thought how loyal it was of them to wear their badges until I've just read that, apparently, it was a club rule that it was compulsory to wear the badge on club runs; failure to do so resulted in the Committee imposing a fine of 2d, about .83p in today's money.  Therefore, provided that you have taken advantage of the new member jersey offer, you can ride safe in the knowledge that you are complying with one of the PNECC's oldest rules... scratch

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