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Youth sized bike

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1Youth sized bike Empty Youth sized bike on Tue 08 Jul 2014, 02:47

I was browsing the Halfords website and noticed that you can buy a 16 speed Pendleton racing bike for £350 at the moment.  Ostensibly it's aimed at women but it's dark blue (not pink) and has (almost) exactly the specification you would want for a youth rider aged around 12-16.  It's called the 'Initial' and I reckon it's better than some other so-called youth bikes thanks to things like crank lengths, bar widths etc.  If anyone is thinking of getting one I'd be happy to help measure up for size rather than rely on the shop to do it (which is akin to getting your paperboy to cut your hair)  Shocked

(I say 'almost' as, for racing, you'd want to change the 50t chainring for a 46t one.)

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