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Tools for club use

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1Tools for club use Empty Tools for club use on Fri 16 May 2014, 07:46

Hi all,

In the process of building my TT bike last year and rebuilding my roadbike this year I have picked up a couple of useful bits. I have a nifty press for installing BB30 bearings and also a crown race remover. A bit random, but when replacing my headset I discovered the crown race on the new one was slightly different to the old one, not by much but enough to affect performance of the headset.
Should anyone need to borrow them drop me a line and you're more than welcome. Or if you dont fancy a DIY pop round and I can do it for you.

Share the wealth and all that!! Very Happy 


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2Tools for club use Empty Re: Tools for club use on Sat 17 May 2014, 06:07

Forgot to add I also have a star fangled nut installer should anyone ever have the need.

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3Tools for club use Empty Re: Tools for club use on Thu 22 May 2014, 02:32

And I have a crown race installer! Sorted.

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4Tools for club use Empty Re: Tools for club use on Thu 22 May 2014, 18:56

Firstly congratulation to the Aytonaitor for baby number 2.

Secondly does anyone have a hammer I can borrow to knock me cotter pins in?  Very Happy 

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