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Headset Bearings

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1Headset Bearings Empty Headset Bearings on Thu 01 May 2014, 08:57

Evening all,

I am replacing the headset on a 2009/10 Felt Z85 and ordered an FSA Orbit 36 to do the job. The only info on the headset from the Felt website is that it an 1x1/8 intergrated headset. The Orbit looked to fit the bill which it does apart from the lower bearing. Both bearings that came with the Orbit are 36x45 but the lower bearing does not sit up inside the headtube properly, theres approx 5mm or so poking out the bottom.

Unfortunately when removing the fork the old cartridge bearing fell apart as it was that knackered, so I couldn't glean any info from it. Would a 36x36 bearing do the trick? Can someone tell me if these are slightly smaller?


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2Headset Bearings Empty Re: Headset Bearings on Thu 01 May 2014, 21:57

If you still have the bits from the old bearing, try looking for a code on it. They are often shown on the seal, this code should be the same for any make of bearing of this type. 'Google' the code and usually a few bearing suppliers will come up.

Having said that, I did it for Campagnolo Ultra Torque bearings, got a set and found they were too tight. Seems Campag must surface grind 0.5mm off the face of the bearings, so you have to but theirs at top wack.

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3Headset Bearings Empty Re: Headset Bearings on Fri 02 May 2014, 03:29

Cheers Dave.

Turns out i was being a div!! The top cover of the old bearing was still wedged in there!! Rolling Eyes 
The new one fits in a treat. Very Happy 

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