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2014 PNECC TT events

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12014 PNECC TT events Empty 2014 PNECC TT events on Thu 13 Mar 2014, 07:55

In addition to the Glenn Syder Points Salver, I propose introducing an age based category system of recognition / prizes.

My suggestion is to have a maximum of four categories in both female & male sections. The age categories may change slightly, depending on how many participants there are in each category. Ideally they'll stay as is & I don't propose changing them for each event.
I think it is probably best to the use the age you will be for our first club event (this Sunday) for the whole season.

• CAT A: 17 yrs of age & younger (CTT rules dictate a minimum age of 12 yrs of age)
• CAT B: 18 yrs to 30 yrs of age
• CAT C: 31 yrs to 50 yrs of age
• CAT D: 51 yrs of age & older

Points will be awarded as for the Salver e.g. 50 points for the highest placed PNECC finisher in each of our club events, 49 points for 2nd best placed PNECC finisher down to 1 point for the 50th best placed PNECC finisher.

A prize / recognition will be awarded for the highest amount of points accumulated over the season in each category.

I do not propose differentiating between bikes, so whether you choose to ride a TT, Road or other road worthy bike, is your call.

Anyway, we'll see how it does but hopefully a little bit of friendly rivalry will add to the enjoyment. See you Sunday for our first event.

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