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Salt replenishment

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1Salt replenishment Empty Salt replenishment on Sun 23 Feb 2014, 05:42

Someone at work rides a hybrid occasionally for charity and was looking for a recommendation for a tablet, powder or fluid to use in his bottle to replace the minerals that he loses when he sweats. He's a 'bigger' rider and not your average racing man build so he needs to be sure to replace some of what he loses during the longer rides, and possibly afterwards too. I don't use supplements myself (probably because a) I don't ride much and b) I don't try hard enough when I do) so can't really recommend anything. Can anyone else please? Thanks.

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2Salt replenishment Empty Re: Salt replenishment on Sun 23 Feb 2014, 07:23

Hi Paul
Personally, I use High 5 products. Zero tablets as a mineral/salts drink in one bottle and 2 in 1 Energy Source + (the plus being caffeine) in the other. He could drop the Zero bottle in favour of just water as the 2 in 1 does have the salts in it. I also use High 5 Energy bars.

I have not tried other products as High 5 do not upset my system whilst riding so I have stuck with them.

They all do the same job really it is just down to whether they taste nice to the individual and there is no adverse reaction.

Common sense statement though is to try them out before an event to make sure they don't upset his system during a ride    No   bounce  affraid


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3Salt replenishment Empty Re: Salt replenishment on Sun 23 Feb 2014, 09:54

I use the high 5 zero tablets for electrolytes, tesco sell them now in their larger stores.

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