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PNECC Summer Road Race - Saturday 28 June 2014

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Entries (£25) open online 1 Feb 2014. 60 miles (7.5 laps) of the Owslebury circuit. It is not a "first come first served" online entry, so there is no immediate rush, but expect a quality field as the promoter will base acceptance on a rider's performance and experience. I will be canvassing club members (not riders) for assistance in the run up to the event. At this early stage I am optimistic for Accredited Marshals (to legally stop traffic) and members from the motorcycle National Escort Group to assist in road safety.

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Hi Mark,
Good news Very Happy  What BC category/categories is the race going to be?

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Tom, it will be a Regional A category race for 2nds and 3rds - 30 points for the win, down to 1 point for 15th.

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The race is now live on the British Cycling website:


For those that wish to ride, you can enter now - your funds will not be taken until the event closes on 8 June 2014.

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Popped my entry in today. For anyone seeking a bit of practice before hand the James Atherton Road Race is using the same course on the 13th April. I intend to enter once I have double checked my diary and bank account.

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With just two weeks before the closing date there will be a full field of 60 riders for our event as there are currently over 80 entries pending.  All the administrative paperwork is complete and authorised and I am awaiting confirmation of Accredited Marshals and riders from the National Escort Group.  As with all events of this nature I am heavily reliant upon the goodwill of volunteers and below is a list of those who have already agreed to assist on the day.  There are, however, still a few positions that I need to fill (identified by "volunteer" below).  If you can help, please leave a note on this forum or send me a private message.

Lead Car - Mike Simpson + Terry Deex

Second Car - Paul Martin + Keith Jarrett

First Aid Car - Martin Randle + Kevin Thompson + Yvonne Frampton

Photographer/Assistant Judge - Harry Jackson + Dave Swaffer

Time Keeper/Assistant Judge - Graham Coleman + Ray Woods

Signage/Finish Line/Equipment - Mark Williams + Andy Page

Parish Hall/Refreshments - Sheila Martin + Julie Jarrett + Katie Pycroft

Red Flag Marshals - Andy Page + Tom Frampton + Alan Collins + Paul Giles + Rhys Lippiatt

Thank you.

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If you still need a volunteer for refreshments, I'm happy to help!  Smile 

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Katie - thanks very much. I have amended above accordingly.

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Thanks to Alan Collins and Yvonne and Tom Frampton for volunteering to assist - list above amended accordingly.

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I have now had confirmation that we will have 13 volunteers from the Accredited Marshal Scheme for our event, along with 3 members of the National Escort Group.  Riders are listed below:

No Name             Cat                Club
1 Andrew Carter 2 Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
2 Thomas Goodyer 3 Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
3 Joshua Harper 3 Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
4 Matt Linham 3 Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
5 Tom Morris 2 Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
6 Andrew Waddington 3 Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
7 Alex Harding 2 Andover Wheelers
8 Duncan Lancashire 3 Andover Wheelers
9 Jason Gurney 2 Arbis – Colbert Cycles RT
10 Jack Mattock 2J BH-Solidor-WAM Youth
11 Oscar Hutchings 2 Bikeshed - UEX
12 Paul Helyer 2 Blazing Saddles Cycles
14 Gavin Starling 2 Brighton Mitre Cycling Club
15 Owen Owen 2 Cogs Bikes
16 Harry Veale 2 Cycleworks.co.uk
17 Malcolm Dixon 2 Dream Cycling
18 Daniel Walker 2 Fareham Wheelers
19 Brendan Drewett 2J Fareham Wheelers
20 James Roe 3 GVC Edmond De Rothschild
21 Matthew Woods 2 Hargroves Cycles RT-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott's
22 Thomas Kirk 2 I-Ride.co.uk
23 Jon Cannings 2 I-Ride.co.uk
24 Matthew Bone 2 I-Team Cyclists' Club
25 Declan Higgins 2 Imperial Racing Team
26 Duncan Coulter 2 Kinoko Cycles Racing
27 Will Hayter 2 London Dynamo
28 James Local 2 London Dynamo
29 Riko Sibbe 2 London Dynamo
30 David Murrell 2 London Phoenix Cycling Club
31 Cameron Austin 3 Look Mum No Hands!
32 Rory Gilling 2 Performance Cycles
33 Andrew Syme 2 Primera-UK-Biking
34 Joe Barry 2 Ride 24/7
35 Ben Luckwell 2 Ride 24/7
36 Mark Perry 2 Ride 24/7
37 Michael Ward 2 Ride 24/7
38 Roland Tilley 3 Ridebike.co.uk
39 David Peel 3 Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
40 David Doyle 2 Sarum Velo
41 Ryan Vale 3 Somerset RC - Bicycle Chain
42 Simon McNamara 2 Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
43 Joseph Donohue 2J Southern Planning Practice Ltd
44 Jack Billyard 3J Swindon Road Club
45 George Stainton-Ellis 2 Team Dassi
46 Steve Dring 2 Team Echelon-Rotor
47 Ben Simmons 2 Team Wiggle
48 Tim Wiggins 2 Team Wiggle
49 Tom Burnley 3 Thames Velo
50 James Curzon 2 Tri UK
51 Ben Lockett 3 Tri UK
52 Greg Lancaster 3 VC Bristol Webbs of Warmley
53 Michael Lancaster 2 VC Meudon
54 Ben Macland 2 VC Meudon
55 Gavin Morton 2 VC Meudon
56 Rowan Horner 2 VC St Raphael
57 Stuart Thompson 2 VC St Raphael
58 Liam Walsh 2 VC St Raphael
59 Matthew Allsop 3 Wightlink, LCM Systems Cycle RT
60 Edward Sutton 3J Wightlink, LCM Systems Cycle RT
61 Patrick Martin 2 WyndyMilla

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A final plea for a volunteer please. I have been informed by South Region BC that I need a further Red Flag Marshal for this event. If anyone is available to assist please post below or send me a PM. Thank you.

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Thank you to all volunteers for assisting with this weekend's road race. Could I ask that PNE jerseys are the order of the day please to promote the Club's visibility on the day. Thanks again  Very Happy 

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A massive thank you to all concerned in promoting today's inaugural Summer road race for the Club. There were many plaudits from race officials, spectators and riders alike and it was pleasing to see that it all ran extremely smoothly. Good to see a strong contingent of Club riders and a well earned 8th place and a Prime award for Tom Morris. Same again next year Very Happy 

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The club owes Mark a massive thank you for working so hard to make the race the success it was. This was a huge undertaking and must have taken up a huge amount of Mark's time, so well done Mark and all the other helpers you encouraged to make this a memorable day for the club.

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VeloUK article :


Can someone please post the link on the Club's Facebook page. Thanks

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I want to echo what Dave said: A big vote of thanks to Mark for such a well organised event. Good course, good HQ, great event management by all of the officials including club volunteers - special mention of Rhys stood by the side of the road in a gloomy hollow on his own, guarding against that nasty rut and getting rained on. Well done to all of our riders and thanks to all who took part. I'm already looking forward to next year :-)

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Massive thanks to Mark and all the volunteers, it was a very well run event. I think that's got me enough points to keep 2nd cat for next year so I'll definitely have to come back and do better next time.

It was good to have a good group of riders from the club as well, hopefully we'll be able to repay the club in the future when it's our turn.

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Whilst waiting for the train today I bumped into Harry Veale who raced on Saturday for Cycleworks, who said he thought it was an excellently organised event. I've no experience of road races but it all seemed to go pretty slickly from what I could see  Very Happy 

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