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Alton CC Open 25

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1 Alton CC Open 25 on Fri 16 Aug 2013, 08:33

Hi all,
In case anyone is interested and up for going, I have entered the Alton CC Open 25 on the H25/10 course. Its up on the A31 near Farnham, sign on in Bentley, 8am start. Its a quick course so anyone wanting a 25 PB could be in with a shout!

Enter online via the CTT website, link below.


If you use the filters narrow it down to the London West district and you will find it. One thing to bear in mind though is you have to enter 14 days in advance.
Go on, you know you want to!! Make the most of that summer fitness!! bounce

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2 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sat 17 Aug 2013, 00:48

Signed myself up for this, it does look like a quick course. Also signed up for the New Forest cc open 10 on the 28th Sept, mainly because of the start time - 0930!

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3 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sat 17 Aug 2013, 01:32

The one on 25/8 on 1st September you mean?

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4 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sat 17 Aug 2013, 04:31

That's the one I signed up for :
01/09/13 25m H25/8 08:00 IE Alton Cycling Club

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5 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sat 17 Aug 2013, 05:46

I am trying to enter via the CTT website, but their website is making me want to smash my computer. Has anyone else had problems registering or entering ?

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6 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sat 17 Aug 2013, 07:00

Ha! Yeah know that feeling! I registered earlier this afternoon but didn't encounter any issues, sorry that's not much help

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7 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sat 17 Aug 2013, 07:09

Saying that, I've just tried logging in to the CTT website and it doesn't recognise my username Rolling Eyes

have just seen this, don't know if it helps you:

Internet Entry

Please note that access to the Internet Entry System IS NOT through the words Register | Login underneath Events in the blue bar.
That is used only to Login to the CTT Website (to place adverts etc.).

To access the Internet Entry System go through the Events Tab.

You can then proceed two ways.


Select "Internet Entry" from the menu and click on the Green + sign


Select "Events List" and use the filters at the top of the page to select Internet Entry/Month/District etc. Once you have found the event you wish to enter click on the word "Enter".

Both these methods then take you to the "Login Screen" where you then choose between

I have not entered a CTT event on-line
Selecting this option will take you through the Registration Process


I have entered a CTT event on-line before
Selecting this option will take you to the Login. Please proceed by entering your Username & Password.

Select whichever applies to you and proceed.

Please note that your username will be the e-mail address you use when registering on the system.

All riders are reminded that when using the system they will receive an acknowledgement e-mail after successful payment has been made.

If you do not receive such an e-mail* you have not made a payment and your entry will not have been successful.

*Please note the acknowledgement e-mail is sent to the Username e-mail.

Last edited by M Speakman on Sat 17 Aug 2013, 07:29; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Realised my incompetence)

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8 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sun 18 Aug 2013, 06:36

Thanks for the help.
I tried it all , but when I type in all the details of previous times etc it then returns me to the beginning.
Very frustrating.
Probably me being a computer numbty

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9 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sun 18 Aug 2013, 07:24

Ah, ok that does sound incredibly frustrating. If it makes you feel any better it rather sounds like a website issue Evil or Very Mad 

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10 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sun 18 Aug 2013, 08:39

Or your previous times weren't quick enough so it timed out :lol

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11 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Mon 19 Aug 2013, 05:36

My first 25 at the PTTL event 5 was definitely slow. About 2.5 hours once I had smashed up my mech hanger and hitched a lift back to Wickham. Mind you, the top speed on my bike computer was about 60 mph. Beat that any of you !

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12 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Tue 20 Aug 2013, 07:24

Hi Mike,
did you sort out the issues you had with the CTT site? Were you putting in your times in the correct format? It gave me a bit of grief because I used a full stop between the hours,minutes and seconds instead of one of these :
Good luck!!

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13 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Wed 21 Aug 2013, 06:49

No luck James. I sent them an entry form in the post, which might make it in time or not. I think pen and paper is about the limit for me. Hopefully I will get a ride

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14 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sat 31 Aug 2013, 23:59

I see the snail mail did the trick for you then mate.
Might catch you tomorrow, although im off at about 8:30 and you've got one of the late ones so may miss you. If so, have a good one!!

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15 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sun 01 Sep 2013, 02:44

I haven't heard anything from them, so I assumed I did't have an entry. I will check their website now then . Maybe see you tomorrow. If not have a good one

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16 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sun 01 Sep 2013, 02:49

James. How do you know I have an entry. Where do I find any details.

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17 Alton CC 25TT on Sun 01 Sep 2013, 04:12

Hi Mike
You are number 116 on my start sheet and your start time is 09.56H.
The HQ is at Froyle Village Hall.
You need to allow 15 minutes to get to the start.
Have a good ride

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18 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sun 01 Sep 2013, 05:23

Thanks for that. A bit of a late start for me. I might have to postpone swimming with the kids!
Hopefully see you there. Good luck if not

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19 Re: Alton CC Open 25 on Sun 01 Sep 2013, 07:16

Yep, they emailed me the start sheet and you are No.116 off at 09:56am.

'The race HQ is at Froyle Village Hall. From Farnham take the l/hand slip road of the Bentley by-pass, signed Bentley & Bentley station, turn right back over the A31 & left at cross roads. Continue on this road to Lower Froyle and take the 1st through road on the left and the village hall is on the left. From Alton take the A31 eastbound to the Hen & Chicken P.H. turn left onto the roar at the side of the P.H. signed Upper Froyle, follow the road to Lower Froyle where the hall is on the right hand side. (approx. 1.5miles from Hen & Chicken) PLEASE DO NOT WEAR CLEATED SHOES IN HALL.

Please allow 15 minutes to reach the start. '

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