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PNECC Club Event P813 Time Trial 23rd May

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1 PNECC Club Event P813 Time Trial 23rd May on Sat 18 May 2013, 00:25

Hi all,

The HQ for this event will be in the larger of the 2 car parks at The Bold Forester (PH),
Soberton Heath, Hampshire, SO32 3QG, Tel: 01329 833276

Registration / sign-on will start from approximately 18:00 with the first rider starting at 19:00

Please bear in mind that this will be the first time we have used this facility & we would like to leave a good impression & be welcomed back for future events; so please park considerately & only use the larger of the 2 car parks for our TT event. Thank you.

Access to this car park is at the junction of Forester Road & Heath Road

As there appears to be some variation in posted maps of P813 I've posted a link, below, to the one I intend to use.


The start is at the crossroads of Church Road, Hundred Acres Road & Ingoldfield Lane.

At Shoot Hill Lodge turn left, continue past the Horse & Jockey (PH), keep left at the Chair Makers (PH) junction, bear left & exercise caution when joining the B2150 West Street / Hambledon Road, continue on the B2150 West Street / Green Lane until after Upper Grenville Copse then turn left into Long Road, stay on Long Road through Soberton Village where the road becomes West Street / Cole Hill / High Street / Webbs Green / Plough Lane / May Bush Lane & then Kiln Hill to the finish in Church Road.

For information;

The Bold Forester Restaurant

Traditional English Food

Based on Good Quality and Value

If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to call us.
Tel: 01329 833276
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Ray,
Any chance you could save me a late start for thursdays TT, should be up to sign on about 6:50pm

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Cheers for this info Ray - I'm aiming to head along tomorrow, see you then

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Sorry, I've not been on the forum for 2 or 3 days as Norton was warning me that it was a Malicious website!

Thank you to all the helpers, once again your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Also thank you to the staff at The Bold Forester for letting us use their facilities to run this evenings event on our variation of P813 Smile

I'll post this evening's results shortly.

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Provisional result of this evening's P813_9.1 mile TT

Pos. No. Rider Name Club Time Speed (mph) Cat
1 21 Colin Dixon PHCC 00:23:10 23.57 TBC
2 25 Mike Stafford PNE 00:23:20 23.40 S
3 28 James Ayton PNE 00:23:28 23.27 S
4 4 Phil Chinn FW 00:23:41 23.05 TBC
5 18 Ben Kadinopoulos RN 00:23:41 23.05 S
6 17 Darryl Rice SDV 00:24:01 22.73 TBC
7 23 Mike Speakman Come & Try 00:24:48 22.02 TBC
8 10 Chris Martin PHCC 00:25:09 21.71 S
9 15 Rob Panter PNE 00:25:09 21.71 Y
10 2 Lee Morgan PNE 00:25:23 21.51 TBC
11 6 Joe Donohue FW 00:25:27 21.45 J
12 12 Alan Cockram PNE 00:25:30 21.41 SV
13 22 Evan Jardine-Skinner Sotonia 00:25:38 21.30 TBC
14 7 Chris Ewing FW 00:26:04 20.95 J
15 20 Tim Benham PNE 00:26:13 20.83 TBC
16 14 Matt Cotton PHCC 00:26:21 20.72 S
17 16 Colin Mooney PHCC 00:26:56 20.27 S
18 29 Ray Woods PNE 00:27:02 20.20 SV
19 5 Conal Greer PNE 00:27:12 20.07 TBC
20 24 Carl Beck PNE 00:27:29 19.87 V
21 8 Andrew Tinkler PHCC 00:27:37 19.77 TBC
22 11 Bug Wrightson RN 00:28:21 19.26 S
23 13 Steve Pratley PNE 00:28:49 18.95 TBC
24 19 Miguel Cassey PNE 00:29:24 18.57 S
24 27 Paul Smith FW 00:29:28 18.53 TBC
26 3 Tony Wilcox FW 00:29:29 18.52 SV
27 26 Mick Brady FW 00:29:45 18.35 TBC
28 9 Bruce Tandy PHCC 00:29:51 18.29 S
29 1 Terry Deex PNE 00:31:36 17.28 GV

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Hi Ray
I don't seem to have Tim Benham as a current/paid up member of PNE. Can he still ride under our club name?


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I don't know to be honest Graham.
I'll check the sheet once I have it with me as it could be a copy/paste error on my behalf.

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It was my error as Tim took Nick Andrews place. That is why "PNE" was in the "Club" column.

I thought there was more than 1 "Come & Try" but I'm not even certain of that now.

So, Tim is either a 2nd Come & Try or he may be a member of a club; he may let us know which club if he checks the forum for the result.


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From memory I think Tim was a member many years ago and he was the chap at the club night last Monday. I just wasn't sure how the points are allocated as he finished above a few club members with him not actually signed back up yet.

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The club points are not critical, they are similar to the Roadman's League points that Sheila used to award, I believe.

I'm awarding them for club members taking part to ensure that I don't leave our awards dinner evening empty handed Wink

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