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Velo Club Venta, Winchester - Summer 2013 10 mile Time Trials Course P751-10

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Hi all,

Information below regarding TT in the Winchester area, should you wish to take part.

"Velo Club Venta in Winchester is running 10 mile Time Trials on 4 dates over the Summer across course P751-10 (Kingsworthy- Micheldever- Stoke Charity- Kingsworthy), with the first being at 7pm on Wednesday 22 May 2013. If any of your members are interested in participating, they would be very welcome."

Course P751-10: Kingsworthy-Micheldever-Stoke Charity-Kingsworthy
Club 10 Mile Time Trials 2013 Velo Club Venta
Wednesday 22nd May 7pm Start
Sunday 16th June 9am Start
Wednesday 17th July 7pm Start
Wednesday 14th Aug 7pm Start
Parking and signing-on at The King Charles, 6 Lovedon Lane, Kingsworthy, SO23 7NU. Entry Fee: £3.00

No U Turns within Start area – if observed this will lead
to disqualification.
Remember, you will be competing on public roads and
therefore you must obey the Highway Code.
If you are under 18 a hard-shelled helmet is compulsory
and is highly recommended for all competitors.
Clothing should be tight-fitting and brightly coloured,
so that you can be easily seen.
You can ride on any sort of bike (except a Recumbent, a
bike where your legs are stretched out in front of you) so
long as it is roadworthy.
You don't have to be a member of a cycling club.
You have to be 12 years of age or over.
If you're under 18, your parents will have to sign a consent
form allowing you to compete.

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