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1 FLOODS! on Fri 21 Dec 2012, 08:27

Hi all

Just a reminder to go careful whilst out in the lanes following my encounters today.

I was out on my monthly ride with my old school friend (Dulwich Paragan), who now lives in London. Despite the weather we decided to brave it and headed out the the B road to South Harting. But almost immediately encountered a river running down the climb past the Buriton turn, followed by two soakings from cars coming in the opposite direction. At the top before the Ditcham turn the road was totally flooded almost to the height of the BB.

We carried on to Midhurst with the road strewn with sand, and started the almost 2 mile climb of Bexley Hill, followed by a careful decent of the steeper northern side. But at the bottom in Lickfold we were faced by a impassable lake of water. After a reci we were forced to turn back and climb back up the "North Face", the first time I have climbed both sides in the same day. God its steep at the top and worse with so little traction, made it though - just.

At Midurst we cut our loses and try and get to higher ground. We headed out on the woolbeding road but took a wrong turn and were faced with the Rother flooding across the fields and the road with such force and depth we had to get off and shoulder the bikes. Now even wetter, we thought as it was getting dark, to head back on the 272. Back in Petersfield a warm pub awaited. What an adventure!

Ride safely - Rob Rolling Eyes

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2 Re: FLOODS! on Fri 21 Dec 2012, 10:20

Damn I was hoping to climb Bexley Hill from the East on my way back on Sunday, might have dried up a little by then I guess. Love that climb, it was great when it was icy last January!

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3 Re: FLOODS! on Fri 21 Dec 2012, 23:42

The water was about 3 ft deep and fast flowing , the raised walkway wasn't accessable either an more rain forecast for tomorrow! Stick to high ground an avoid the Rother and tributaris! You are right, great climb.

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