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Faulty Gilet

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1Faulty Gilet Empty Faulty Gilet on Fri 09 Nov 2012, 04:19

Any gilet experts out there? Zip gone in my PNE gilet. To tight to fork out another 31 quid for replacement as only just over a year old.. Any one know if zip can be replaced and who would do it?



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2Faulty Gilet Empty Re: Faulty Gilet on Fri 09 Nov 2012, 06:30

Hi Carl
Bounced your question off my wife. Her reply was yes it can be done. Standard nylon zip, should be available from C & H Fabrics in Chichester. I do believe there are a few places in Portsmouth who do clothing repairs one in Copnor Rd if my memory is correct. Depends on cost of zip + labour (if you cannot get it done free by someone)against new gilet really.


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3Faulty Gilet Empty Re: Faulty Gilet on Fri 09 Nov 2012, 06:47

Thanks Graham, I know both places so I'll probably go down this route rather than getting a new one as mine is like new anyway.

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