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Wiggle Super Series - South Downs 100 - 21st October 2012

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I am booking my place on this on Tuesday. Spoke to Miguel and Paul today on the club ride and you two were up for it. I will be driving my van to Chichester (start point) so I will have two spare seats and infinite space in the back for bikes and gear if anyone wants anything transported up there.

Get in touch on here if anyone is interested and wants to go up together.

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Since you mentioned medals for being hardcore in another thread I should enlighten you that Jon and I rode this last year, we left Portsmouth by bike at 7am (yes it was dark!) got to the start in Chichester in under an hour then rode the full 100 miles in gold time before riding back to Portsmouth, Jon took a little longer getting back as he stopped for a massage whilst I used the 20mph tail wind that we had spent the last hour riding in to so as to get home in record pace....so 140 miles in 8 and a bit hours....GO!

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I'll probably sign up for this one again, as I did it last year too, I just need to double check that it doesn't clash with anything else I have planned.

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Using the other halfs account as mine isn't active yet but I am definitely up for this one. Paul

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Quick update:

I am having trouble booking my place - Wiggle website says 'sorry this product is no longer available' which makes me think it is sold out, but it is the same with every distance for all of the remaining events this year - they can't ALL be sold out surely? Website problems for Wiggle? I hope so.

If I can get a place....

As said above I will be taking my van. Miguel has offered to drive also so in total we have 8 seats for people and enough room for everyone's bike so if anyone wants a lift there and back you can either meet at mine in Southsea or we can pick you up en route.

And Jerry: I am sorry we did not meet your hardcore standards, must try harder... Will aim for the Southdowns 100 in under an hour Wink

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It says more than 10+ in stock for the Epic route so I'm guessing it's an issue at your end rather than Wiggle. Try again tomorrow perhaps?

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BenD wrote:Will aim for the Southdowns 100 in under an hour Wink

That would be impressive...even in a car

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Finally got my account activated after a glitch.

Thought I would let you all know I have booked the sportive so will deffo be there?

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Did you keep that hat on for a 100 miles Ben?


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