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Headset adjustment

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26Headset adjustment - Page 2 Empty Re: Headset adjustment on Sun 23 Sep 2012, 20:25

Well, definitely going off thread here but just imagine a closed-road TT along the seafront, perhaps one-way, perhaps under BC rules, perhaps as the prologue to a road race....?

No, I'm not volunteering. Well, not this year anyway. Shocked

Remember when teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors, rank+file civil servants, firefighters and lollipop ladies crashed the stock market, wiped out banks, took billions in bonuses and paid no tax? No, me neither.
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27Headset adjustment - Page 2 Empty Re: Headset adjustment on Sun 28 Oct 2012, 05:43

Im back with an update. The build has progressed!
Im now in possesion of a nifty BB30 tool I picked up on ebay if anyone needs this type of bearing pressing in. I was making my own headset press but struggled to find some oversized nylon washers, and the 'press in plates' specific for the job by the likes of Park Tools and FSA were all sold out!! I found someone on ebay flogging the whole kit and caboodle for £25 including a set of bearings. Its just a piece of treaded rod with a handle on either end, a couple of washers, and the plastic plates that fit up against the bearings when pushing them in. It was very easy to do and worked like a charm!
I also found that my attempt at a headset press still came in handy as a 'punch out' tool when removing the bearings. Its just a short length of threaded rod with a spring nut plate srewed on the end. It slotted neatly into the BB shell and spring nut plate fits perfectly up against the bearing race enabling you to knock the old bearing out, result! Very Happy
So, suffice to say my chainset is now on. Ive also bought a set of 3T aero bars that are now installed and during the week have had a go at getting the cables in.
I seem to have got the front mech working ok and need to set up the rear mech soon. Anyone have any tips on what sort of length the outers should be? I usually just cut them to the same lenghth as the old ones that come off but this has started as a bare frame so have nothing to go by!

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28Headset adjustment - Page 2 Empty Re: Headset adjustment on Sun 28 Oct 2012, 08:17


I found the outers for front and rear mech had to go all the way down the down tube to bb. There's a plastic guide for cables that has in effect a couple of counterbores that the outer fit in to. I positioned the outer to these and then worked back up the down tube through to the aerobars to the shifters. You push in and out to get the slack you need around the steerer tube area then cut the outer. The rear mech outer length I just approximated from my other bikes and what looks about right.

Hope that helps Very Happy


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