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1help  Empty help on Sun 02 Sep 2012, 01:30

Got the planet x out, was going to come along to the club ride on Sunday,the rear wheel (i broke the spoke on the Forestman) has a crack in the rim where it joins to the spokes. The wheel is slightly buckled but is not too bad,is it safe to use?
can anyone recommend a good place to get a new set ?

Thanks in advance

Mark P

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2help  Empty Re: help on Sun 02 Sep 2012, 03:35

The word crack and back wheel usually spells danger as it's this is what's taking the bulk of the weight. Is it a crack on the spoke eyelet or just in the rim? Either way it looks like a replacement rim. Are you thinking about treating yourself to a new set if so I think some of the Fulcrum wheels are bomb proof.

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3help  Empty Re: help on Sun 02 Sep 2012, 04:05

In my opinion it's a do not ride, and not worth the risk.

Worth a look on Wiggle at the moment as they have an extra 10% off the basket price on wheels, tyres etc.


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4help  Empty Re: help on Sun 02 Sep 2012, 04:52

beckcd wrote:I think some of the Fulcrum wheels are bomb proof.
Who is it that makes Fulcrum again, Carl? Some little known Italian company? Laughing

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5help  Empty Re: help on Sun 02 Sep 2012, 08:11

Contact planet x to see what they say


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6help  Empty Re: help on Sun 02 Sep 2012, 08:48

Very Happy and remember not to bin the wheel, the hub, spokes etc. may still have a purpose in this life alien

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7help  Empty Re: help on Sun 02 Sep 2012, 23:22

Got some mavic askium on their way, good deal at ribble cycles £179 with discounts £144! I have contacted planet x I'll let you know what they say.

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8help  Empty Re: help on Sun 02 Sep 2012, 23:55

I agree, don't ride a wheel with a crack in it. These factory built wheels have a lot of tension in them and the whole wheel could collapse just when it is under the greatest strain i.e. at the worst possible moment such as braking hard, cornering hard etc. It could still be used on a turbo trainer, especially if you need a to fit a wheel with a tyre just for this purpose?

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