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Rollers v turbo?

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1Rollers v turbo? Empty Rollers v turbo? on Mon 23 Jul 2012, 00:18

Hi, burning question that has been asked countless times by many I'm sure, rollers or turbo? I would like to get one for this coming winter, that will be this Thursday onwards then, lol! Seriously, want to get one for getting some miles in, in my garage this winter. Not sure which to go for or even a particular model for either. I would be grateful for thoughts and comments on this please.

Many thanks,


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2Rollers v turbo? Empty Re: Rollers v turbo? on Mon 23 Jul 2012, 00:36

You can't fall off a turbo (though I reckon I could give it good shot). That said, I've never tried rollers, but I'd say if you're looking to get in some long hours a turbo's probably easier from the point of view of not having to concentrate on staying upright all the time. It could make it less boring, I suppose... Very Happy

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3Rollers v turbo? Empty Re: Rollers v turbo? on Mon 23 Jul 2012, 22:17

Ive been thinking about the same thing Mark. I have come to the conclusion that both would be desireable. I often find it a bit of a hassle changing wheels for the turbo, setting up etc, but find that you can do some good sessions on them that are worthwhile,especially in groups. The rollers however are great for smooth technique and application of power without the hassle of change over etc...so great for pre race stuff. Great also for core strength I hear. Dosnt really help you I suppose , but you need to decide if your gonna have a dedicated wheel,tire and block for the turbo ( if training on the thing ) or if the rollers without the need for specific tires etc floats your boat.
I will probably go for a turbo with a computer of some description to give read out for cadence speed, heart rate and pace. That way my training can become more tailored and more importantly keep me focused and interested.
You will probably get a better answer from a more experienced rider , but thats my take on it, hope it helps.

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4Rollers v turbo? Empty Re: Rollers v turbo? on Mon 23 Jul 2012, 23:59

Was chatting to Tom about this on Sunday, the Taxc Genius Multiplayer sounds fun: http://www.tacx.com/producten/vr-trainers/genius-multiplayer/index.dot

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5Rollers v turbo? Empty Re: Rollers v turbo? on Tue 24 Jul 2012, 06:25

Cheers guys on the tips. Still undecided though. More thought needed that's for sure. I do like the thought of just jumping on rollers without all the flaff of setting up like you have to with a turbo. Can you do more on a turbo though? At the end of the day you want to pedal against a given resistance to simulate riding the roads. I'm not sure if rollers would give that variable resistance? I will have to come back to this later after probably another 2 months worth of studies! Very Happy

Thanks again


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6Rollers v turbo? Empty Re: Rollers v turbo? on Tue 24 Jul 2012, 09:03

Mark, I was puzzled by the same thing about having more resistance on rollers - I bought a set of parabolic rollers (apparently harder to fall off) with 3 resistance settings - although you need to set the resistance before you start (or have someone flick it for you whilst you're going) - you're welcome to try them if you want to have a go on some rollers to see what they're like.

I'd say to improve balance and technique use rollers, for pure power/brute force zoning out de-stressing etc use a turbo. Rollers do require concentration (to start with anyway) and you can't ride out of the saddle, unless you've very good or get some special ones.

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7Rollers v turbo? Empty Re: Rollers v turbo? on Tue 24 Jul 2012, 23:20

Hi there,

I changed from turbo to rollers this time last year and haven't looked back! Once you get the balance/coordination cracked they are good fun. I can be on them for an hour but everyone else is correct in saying that you do get the perfect road conditions on them (no wind, traffic lights or resistance) Did 15 mins the other day at 50kph avg, thought i'd recreate a little of the TDF!! It certainly kept my HR up! Although it might have hurt had a come off and flown into the wall!! And i'll confirm they are great for stroke fluidity, balance and keeping a constant cadence. And once your confident you look quite impressive when you're mates have a go and can't keep straight for 2 seconds! lol


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8Rollers v turbo? Empty Re: Rollers v turbo? on Wed 25 Jul 2012, 10:04

Very Happy I use both, turbo when I'm feeling lazy and rollers for concentrating and developing good pedalling technique. True resistance could be an issue but changing through the gears always makes roller riding interestin (especially changing down quickly). A doorway is a perfect site for rollers and after you've got the hang of them you can get a good sweat on after 30 minutes.
Turbo is 'ok' but without the concentration and pedalling development. Since rollers always find turbo is a bit of a cop out?
Alternatively remember you improve handling, strength and conditioning by wearing some good winter kit and hitting the winter roads - don't always go for the 'soft' option garage etc. alien

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9Rollers v turbo? Empty Rollers for me on Mon 24 Sep 2012, 06:19

I've just had my 1st proper session on my rollers; I bought them a couple of weeks ago & today is the first day it's rained so I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a go.

I got them out of the box last Thursday & had a try & found an appropriate doorway in my hall on Friday.

I'm happy with my first 45 minute session & hopeful I'll get some decent training session in during the most inclement weather.

I'm also glad I opted for rollers & not a turbo as they help me to keep looking up Smile

This topic helped give me the pros & cons of the options & who knows I may save enough funds for a turbo in the near future as I'm sure they would be a benefit too.

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