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Mountbatten Racing Wednesday - 23 May 2012

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1 Mountbatten Racing Wednesday - 23 May 2012 on Thu 24 May 2012, 10:18

Massive, massive congratulations to Charlie who won his race at Mountbatten tonight from a breakaway!

Well done mate! It's not easy to get into a good break on that circuit, let alone make one stick until the end, so really well done!


Also, well done to everyone else involved tonight also, great effort and representation by the club all races!

The only bit of bad news from the evening was that unfortunately Tom was caught up in a nasty crash on the final lap of the 3/4 race. Hope everything is all okay mate? I've had my fair share of spills, it's just one of those things. Hope you're back on the bike very soon!

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bounce Check out the facebook page (link at bottom of page) anyone who is a 'portsmouthnorthend.cyclingclub' friend can post on the 'timeline'. There is a thread regarding last nights efforts by all.

cheers Charlie Cresswell-Hogg raised the PNE roof - well done mate, all that hard work DOES pay off (although you already knew that just witnessing Jerry and Andy's results)

Cool It was a good turn-out last night (Charlie, Jerry, Tom, Andy, Toby, Simon, Mark, Paul, Dave) with PNE riders all over the track and trackside - Tom and bike look OK although I bet he's a little sore this morning. 'Lucky Tom' the other chap's front wheel sheered ALL the spokes off the hub and folded the rim, little Tom could do as it happened directly in front of him. It will always be a 'potential waiting to happen' in a race with cat4 riders - as with any cat really.

Very Happy What we need now guys is more supporters cheering on our riders, with items of kit on....watch this space for t-shirts Paul is working on.

Keep going guys - quick recovery Tom alien

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Excellent ride Charlie, very pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting to do much in my race after a week in the mountains so I just tried to inflict some pain on the peleton instead, four big break away attempts unfortunately caught with 200 metres to go on the last lap.

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Thanks very much, guys Very Happy A lot of blocking from Fareham Wheelers meant we could keep the break away until the end. Felt a bit like PNE and FWCC working together against the I-Team. Laughing I think it was the hardest I've ever ridden; worth it, though!

Hope Tom's alright, sounds like a serious crash.

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Well done Charlie, brilliant performance. Thanks for a very exciting final lap as well Very Happy

Thanks for the concern guys. Just a few cuts on knees, elbow, shoulder, hip and back, only hurts when I move Shocked
I know roughly what happened:
Coming up to the line on the second to last lap I heard a touch of wheels to my front right, saw a couple of riders crash, one falling right infront of me, and bringing me down. As Dave said, nothing I could do about it, just part of racing I guess... I think four riders in total went down?

Anyway bike seems fine, so I'm aiming to be out Sunday, hopefully. See you all soon and well done again Charlie.

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I'm very proud of all you guys but Tom and Charlie deserve a special mention for sheer blood and guts. THIS is what the PNECC is all about - never give in!

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Paul Martin wrote:I'm very proud of all you guys
I'd like to nominate Paul for the 'Club Dad' award 2012 Laughing

Does anyone know if there are any photos from Wednesday?

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